Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just be your Elf

The Space needle and a tree. Yes, the girl from Michigan is writing about New York from Seattle. Deal with it ;)

In the last few days, I've watched the movie "Elf" about 5 times. Directed by the underrated Jon Favre and starring the big kid Will Ferrell, who despite looking like an ex in a certain light now and again… always makes me laugh.

Most of the time I fell asleep or was doing something else while it was on, so in all actuality I probably watched it straight through about once. It's a great happy movie to fall asleep too, I like something light in the background. And the music is really jammy so it's good to have on doing chores and what not.

At any rate, for awhile I couldn't figure out my sudden obsession with this small little holiday flick. I was getting worried.

And then after about viewing 4, as Elf made it out of the Candy Cane Forest, and past the Swirly Twirly Gumdrops, and he's walking through the Lincoln Tunnel and he comes out........

And there it is. The Big Apple. All shiny and pretty and exciting and...and it hits me.

"Elf" is a giant video love letter to NYC. And it gets better the more you watch it. And double bonus if you know and love the City that Never Sleeps! The city that wears Christmas like no other.

But Christmas comes to wherever you are, it's that small light in all of us, that shines no matter where you are. Santa can always fine you! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Snow Falls in Seattle-A Street View

When the snowing gets tough, the tough grab a snowboard. Resourceful kids on Broad St. in Seattle

From buses hanging over I-5 to the heartbreaking stories of the stuck masses out at Sea-Tac, to say it’s been heck of a week weather-wise in Seattle is an extreme understatement.

Slip Sliding Away

Who really gets used to cold and snow? I guess some people do, those that enjoy winter and skiing and sledding and all that. I myself…not a fan of the winter sports.

If you can't beat it, than do some city skiing

I think the problem is, I really hate snow touching me. I remember as a kid, getting into those full body-armor snowsuits and feeling well protected from all the elements. Although it really sucked when you had an itch. Or when you started getting sweaty and all it just pooled in your suit. Ewwww…you know what I mean!

An umbrella is good way to keep the snow from touching you

But with snow, comes the whole white XMAS thing, so you just have to make the best if it.

This looks like the beginning of a Holiday Animated Special ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow? We don't need no stinkin' SNOW!

It snowed in Vegas last night. VEGAS. It makes you contemplate the whole “when hell freezes over” expression. If you see piggies flying by….well…

The other night, the first snowfall settled upon the Seattle area. It’s comical how initially a few flurries can make even the most cynical, “anti-snow” person a little jubilant. We stood outside our local, having no commitments and nowhere to drive and raised our faces to the sky, the ginormous flakes whizzing by. It was pretty, like being in a snow globe. Yes, we had a few glasses of wine in us too.

But now it’s snowing again. And it’s not so pretty anymore when you have to be somewhere. It’s not so pretty when you live in a state that doesn’t clean the roads very well, or have salt.

This is my third winter (gooood grief, I’ve been here this long already, ugh)…In an area that allegedly never gets any snow, at least that’s what we were told before we moved here. At any rate, there are many many things I don‘t understand about this neck of the woods, but one of my big beefs is this…. clean the effin roads!

It is beyond my comprehension how a few inches of snow strands an entire metro area, schools are closed, roads are icy and the best they can say is put chains on your tires. I don’t even know how one would go about doing that.

I know, I KNOW "they" do the best they can. It’s hard with all the hills here. (Another secret Seattle tidbit) Where I come from, those roads get cleared pretty quickly. That salt is thrown down. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have had school all winter, we would have had snow days all the time.

Snow days all the time? Hmmm, on second thought……

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Recovering DJ's Holiday mix tape-part 1

As I've previously mentioned,I’m a Christmas music lover. Toss together some Pop with a little bit of Rock and Jazz and you've mixed a mélange of melodic goodness. It’s a sickness, but isn’t admitting that the first step towards Recovering? ☺

With so many holiday themed events comin’ down the chimney lo’ these next few weeks I bet you’re seekin’ ideas to keep the sassy Santa spirit a flowin'. Here’s a good start, in order of how many times they've played according to my iTunes: an 0bjective way put together a countdown.

Top 15
By order of iTunes play count

1-"Last Christmas" -Wham!
So so 80’s I know, it just makes me ache with nostalgia. And FYI, I’m not the only one who loves it… so **mleh** (I believe that's the sound of sticking out your tongue?) Say it aloud and see.

**Just discovered this has been covered by someone named Taylor Swift *Gasp**

2-"White Christmas"-Otis Redding
This version is from the “Love Actually” soundtrack- a new classic holiday movie in our household. It’s a little sad and soulful, but the warmth of Otis’s voice wraps around you like a musical muffler.

3-"A Charlie Brown Christmas"- Vince Guaraldi Trio
I couldn’t decide between, “O Tannenbaum”, “Christmas Time Is Here”, “Skating “ or “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” so I just threw in the whole thing.

An interesting story about the "Charlie Brown Special", tee hee.

4-"All I Want For Christmas Is You"-Olivia Olson
From "Love Actually" as well, you could use the Maria Carey version in a pinch though.

5-"Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Live)"-Bruce Springsteen
" He’s flyin’ over Michigan…down the Jersey Turnpike.." Whoop Whoop!

6-"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"-Barenaked Ladies & Sarah McLachlan
Two of my faves rockin’ the Xmas tree Canadian style

7-"The Little Drummer Boy"-Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
From a Very Special Christmas, a great series of contemporary Christmas music. Not really my fave song in the world, but have to add Rockin’ Robert when you can.

8-"The Christmas Song"-Luther Vandross
I like other versions of this song, but love the late GREAT Luther!

9-"Wonderful Christmastime"-Paul McCartney
Happy Paul, before Linda died and that other psycho wife came a’ callin'.

10-"Same Old Lang Syne"-Dan Fogelberg
“We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to now”...that "Rob Lowe on Saxophone" sound from “St. Elmo’s Fire"…C’mon this is quintessential 80’s people. I immediately bought this last year when he died. Along with that, and the older I get, “Same Old Lang Syne" gets a little more bittersweet with each passing year.

11-"Bells Will be Ringing" - The Eagles
Really, just keeping the 80's alive...

12-"Winter Wonderland"- Harry Connick, Jr.
From the “When Harry Met Sally Soundtrack” which is another one of those "Christmissy" movies that isn’t really billed as such.

13-"Happy Christmas (War is Over)"-John Lennon
Oh John…What if…!!??

14-"Run Rudolph Run"- Keith Richards
A new fave from last year, the Bryan Adams version was previously on the Recovering DJ Holiday Mix. Brits usually trump Canadians. Plus, if you buy on iTunes, it comes with a bonus rocker “Pressure Drop”

15-"Father Christmas"- The Kinks
This is upbeat and "it's easy to dance to Dick, I'll give it a 95" This always reminds me how much I forget I love Ray Davies.

Glancing over this list, I see I’ll have to add some more subjective favorites soon.

Friday, December 5, 2008

"Sooner or later, your legs give way, you hit the ground"

One of my favorite albums of all time is Special Beat Service by the English Beat. I bought it, along with many other fabulous records at Harmony House in Downtown Farmington-the wondrous local music store where I spent many a magical day, and much of my babysitting money on the splendors of recorded music on vinyl.

In my senior year, I would listen to that album over and over …the skip on my copy of the record in the beginning of “I Confess” would prove to be just part of the song to me.

When I heard the CD version years later, I could still “hear” the scratch, chuckling at the memory.

So I was very excited when I found out the English Beat was going to do a show at the Showbox Theater in Seattle. The Showbox is a charming joint, just grimy enough to give it a little character. A few months ago I was fortunate enough to catch Squeeze at the same venue. Squeeze is definitely another of my top fave bands, and although Chris and Glenn or getting old, they still put on a heck of a gig. (See pic at left)

Yes, a pattern is emerging, old 80’s bands, and albums. I’m getting a little ***gasp*** mature.

It’s ironic that I spent half my life immersed in new music, keeping up with all that is hip and hot, but for the last few years, I am less and less into it. I try to stay current, but glancing at a recent top 10 songs list I’m familiar with less than half of the artists. It makes me feel a bit out of touch. But these days, I am extremly comforted by all that is musically aged.

I don’t really know how it started, but I became a big BIG U.K music fan. I would anxiously await “Rock Over London” which came on after “The King Biscuit Flower hour” on 89X a Canadian station in Windsor. Or there was the “Dangerous Exposure” show on WABX Detroit, hosted by the Mike Haloran, who started the best alternative station in it’s day; XTRA in San Diego.

I loved all things musically British so much, I used to dream of moving to London and becoming a DJ there. I had heard they ironically liked American accents as much as I was enchanted by English accents.

So it’s comforting when an old school band comes around. To me sometimes, the 80’s happened just a few years ago. It’s when I go to a show and get a good look at the rest of the audience….
I realize that I’ve become an old fart.

The crowd overall was pushing 50. And Dave Wakeling, the only surviving original member is not aging well. ( see pic below) Despite not coming on until the late hour of 10PM…☺ they played a strong energetic show. I was exhausted when I got home at 12:30, clutching my requisite concert t-shirt and a bit sad because the one song they didn’t play was “I Confess”

I wanted to see if I would still “hear” the scratch in the live version. I’ll have to “Save it for Later”

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We need a little Christmas, right this very minute

Song of the Day

"We Need a Little Christmas"-Various Artists

There are two things that I've lugged around during my many moves- a box of records (the vinyl kind that contain musical recordings) and my big blue Rubbermaid box o’ Xmas.

Yes Ginny, I’m a Chris Missy person.

You either are or aren’t a Xmas person, to varying degrees. Some people aren’t into Christmas for religious reasons, or they think they’re too cool for the room, that’s ok. But some people are just plain mean and hateful and those are the ones that need a little Xmas.

I fight it. Sometimes I say I’m not opening the box, it’s too much trouble. Things are tough, the world is in shambles, Christmas is for kids, blah blah blah…

Which is precisely when we need a little Christmas right this very minute.

My Christmas addiction isn’t really the religious sort, much to my mother’s chagrin. But it’s that concept of good. Of the brightness that shines in all of us, no matter how tarnished the world makes us.

Monet liked to paint what he called “momentary qualities of light” and that’s what Christmas is to me. Those little moments that make life just a little more bearable and enable us to trudge on.

Plus it’s the one time of year you’re allowed to hang shiny shiny lights everywhere.

When you feel good, you make others feel good. You give a smile and a “Hi” to the cashier at Rite Aide as opposed to a curt nod. She is nicer to the cranky old man behind you who in turn is actually a tad kind to the next person he comes across.

That’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.


Did you know that “We need a little Christmas” is from musical “Mame”? I always thought it was in an animated Christmas special.

"Momentary qualities of light" is the title I have chosen for my great Amercian novel, or at least a short story that the "New Yorker" will publish...whenever I get around to writing it.)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday travel tips: You can't take it all with you

Yesterday, I was pondering about a nice frothy little post with some soft random thoughts and frilly traveling advice. It’s the holiday season and a lot of inexperienced fliers are out and we should all just try to get along. I was feeling uncharacteristically Zen; pretty O.K. with my fellow man & womankind.

But then I got caught.

Caught red handed with extra gels and liquids. Done in by my greed to take my new Burt’s Bee’s Orange face wash that I LOVE and a few other extra niceties that didn’t fit in the regulation bag, like hairspray and my own shampoo and conditioner.

I know the rules. I obey the quart size bag decree to the tee. I take off my shoes and coat, place everything in those bins, and have my boarding pass ready with a pleasant attitude. I travel quite a bit.

Since I’ve have been there, done that…I saw it…. more like felt it. I was getting flagged. I’ve been stopped for electronics, I’ve been stopped randomly. But I haven’t been stopped over gels before. I knew they saw something. You know why? The bag with the extra contraband was in the outside pocket. I cursed my stupidity.

But truthfully I had never tried to sneak in a whole regular size Burt’s Bee’s before.

Suddenly, my bag is grabbed off the line and this strange lady opens it up and is touching my stuff…which just makes me crazy. In all the hullabaloo my toothbrush comes loose from its case, skids out and hits the floor.

I begin to lose it. I grab a few bottles out of my bag and throw it in bin and say, “I don’t need this stuff lady, I need to go”

Bad move. I’m not allowed to touch, or use a tone. I’m supposed to be happy I’m being violated. I know, I know they’re just doing their job…. but it was early in the morning.

NOW these big guys come over and yell at me. My horrid criminal self with the large size Burt’s Bees, and essentially three small extra items. He’s gonna haul me away in a second if I don’t calm down. I flash to myself on the news, the crazy woman screaming and kicking and no Thanksgiving for you lady. I wondered too what the hell happened to my Zen moment.

So, I step back a second. In all fairness to the lady, she’s trying to shove as much as she can into my quart bag and I think she is at least being nice, but I don’t care, I want to be done. The process, which is probably no more than a few minutes tops, feels like decades and I’m shakin’ like a junkie and I need to cry now.

So, I think they’re gonna run my stuff through the conveyor security thing again. That’s the point right? I had too many liquids that weren’t originally in the trusty quart bag. I know the rule.

But no, they just sent me on the way without a few of my products and most of my pride.

I knew I was wrong. A weak last minute moment that morning, throwing a few extra things in the bag. After I stopped crying I chastised myself.

I was gluttonous. I wanted to take the little niceties that help staying in three different places in five days a bit more manageable when you have all your HBA's with you.

On this Thanksgiving Eve, it’s nice to have such little problem right? I’m grateful for that. I feel like such a turkey now ☺

Monday, November 24, 2008

This Radio Life Part 2-Names & B'days

When was on the radio, my air name was sometimes, and most famously Susan Cruise.
I was actually just Susan at WORB- the Oakland Community College radio station where This Radio Life all started. At my first paid gig, up in Cadillac,MI- I was Susan Dean. I know pretty lame.

Onward I went to Lima, OH where the overlords wanted something jazzier. So Susan Cruise..AKA Cruisin’ Susan was born. Until I went to Akron, OH and Buffalo, NY where I worked and later hung out with the incomparable Sue O’Neil. Sue had seniority and wanted to be the only Sue….so Dianna Cruise was born. Changing names on a whim can be fun.

But back in Detroit, I was Susan Cruise again. Nov. 20th came around and I did a shout out "Happy Birthday" to my dad, because even thought he wasn’t listening I knew my mom was and she would tell him. Plus, a huge on-air perk was the on-air birthday announcement. People love to hear their name on-air and you are so forgiven if you for forgot the card and gift.

So I said something like this I am sure:

“ Latest from Sheryl Crow there…Q95 5. How are ya, its Susan Cruise wishing my papa Tom a happy happy birthday, Have a good day daddy! We’ll check the weather next on the Q.”

And the phones started ringing’ off the hook. I couldn't figure it out, It didn’t even dawn on me at first.

Half of Metro Detroit was wondering: “Is your dad really TOM Cruise!??”

Tee hee. In a matter of speaking, I guess so.

Happy Belated Tom “Cruise” ☺

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time Talking

I was in Champion's the other day, looking for a time-themed costume for a time-themed party. (70’s costume, milestone birthday party) and was ruminating on time, how times have changed, how much time I had to find something, how much time has passed since I met my dear friend….

When suddenly, the day turned to night. I panicked for a second, because I thought I had only been there a short time, for when I arrived it was light.

“What time is it?” I asked the hipster dude behind the counter.
“I know, it seems so late now with the time change, right?” was his reply.

Ahhh, that’s right, the time change thing. From daylight savings time to standard time. It gets dark soooo early and you think it’s soooo late.

I was out at 6pm the other night with my husband and I felt it was around 10pm. I was already tired and ready for bed.

The transition from day to night…from light to dark progresses quicker on the West Coast than in the East Coast or the Midwest…something to do with the mountains I think, the sun just drops.

But the thing is, when it was 6PM here, it WAS 9 PM on the East Coast. So I could have been a little tired. I swear for the most part I am still on East Coast time.

I know my darling cats are stuck in their native time zone. They used to get fed around 6 PM EST. Now they are hungry and whining at 3PM PST. You can’t tell an animal that suddenly the time is different just because you shoved them on a plane and flew them to a new time zone.

And time seems different on a Saturday then it does on a Wednesday. Time used to drag during the summer when we were kids, until that week just before school, and suddenly it flew, …you didn’t have enough time to get ready!

I don’t have the time. Can you make some time for me? What time do you have? Is it time to go yet? He’s got too much time on his hands.

It’s time for you to leave. How much time is left in the game? We made good time. What time does the show start? Can you believe how much time she took on that project?

Time flies when you’re havin’ fun. I lost track of time. Thanks so much, we had a great time. Time to make the doughnuts.

Make some time for yourself and the ones you love. Time is precious.

Bonus Songs of the Day-
Top 10 Recovering DJ songs with Time in the Title
In no particular order

Too Much Time on My Hands STYX

Entertained some friends lip-synching to this one on the way down the shore one time.

Favorie Waste of Time- Marshall Crenshaw

He’s from Fashionable Ferndale!

Sign O’ the Times-Prince

Good Times-Chic

Aawww yeah, she went there

Time (Clock of the Heart)- Culture Club

Ditto above

Time Is On My Side –The Rolling Stones

Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper

She was on "Gossip Girl" a few weeks ago, she’s still the bomb, times been good to her!

Fine Time-New Order

All This Time-Sting

Time for Letting Go & This Time it’s Us Jude Cole

An underrated artist who I was obsessed with many years ago, but still worth looking up.

And if you’re talkin’ Time have to give a shout out to that "other" band from Minny, who ask-
What Time is it!

Moris Day and the Time!

Bonus Holiday Time songs

Christmas Time is Here- Vince Guaraldi Trio (Charlie Brown Xmas !!!!) ☺

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year- Andy Williams

Friday, November 14, 2008

It’s the theee-ah-ter dahling

The other night I saw “The Drowsy Chaperone” at the surprisingly beautiful 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle. It's a very tongue-in-cheek commentary on musicals, and the woman who played Georgeanne in "Mary Tyler Moore" is in it. It’s really a cute, quirky little play and if it comes near you I highly recommend it.

The first live play I saw live was “The King and I” at the Fisher Theater in downtown Detroit. Yule Brenner was in it and I still remember sitting on the edge of my seat, enchanted and entranced. I was hooked on the stage.

I was almost an actress. I sang in choir and preformed in school musicals and acted in plays at the Farmington Community Theater. My parents used to call me Helen Hayes sometimes, but I later found out that was due to my tendency towards tears and the overly dramatic, and not necessarily my acting abilities.

Instead of acting, I went into something broadcasting. Theater of the mind they call it. Life is a stage and we are all actors, said Mr. Shakespeare. Heck, waiting tables was acting. Showtime began when my first table sat, turn on 'da charm to rake in 'dem tips.

Everyone loves watching people singin’ and a swayin’. Don’t believe me? Then why are “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol” consistently number one in the T.V ratings?

That’s showbiz kid, that’s showbiz. ☺

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bugs Bunny Lunch Box

Song of the Day: Borderline-Madonna

Today is the birthday of a dear dear friend of mine. I’ve known her since I was around 6, so I’ve known her most of my life. We have not lived in the same state most of our adult lives, but she is always there, on the phone, online via IM or e-mail, and I just got her started on Facebook.

We are very different people- different values, different lifestyles, and different hair color. But we both loved the Bay City Rollers, and Madonna and Bonne Belle lip-gloss and all kinds of food.

Our shared loves have evolved into "Seinfeld" and "Lost", and Bonne Belle lip-gloss, and all kinds of food. And we love each other, no matter what. I think we both know that now, we’re stuck with each other; after surfing wave after wave of events; sometimes together, and sometimes apart, good and bad.

We met very innocently, (I think she hates when I tell this story). It was first grade at Longacre Elementary. I had already done kindergarten there, so I was in the loop. She was new. She looked scared, as all the kids pretty much knew each other from last year and had already begun to form their clique’s.

She stood on the outside the circle, head down a bit, biting her lip, blond wavy hair swirling around her face. I'm betting she was wearing a matching sweater and skirt ensemble as sweaty hands grasped a Bugs Bunny lunch box, that I thought was exquisite. Even in first grade I thought in big words, Ha Ha.

I did not have a Bugs Bunny. I think I had some stupid plaid lunch box, or maybe one with monkeys. Lunch boxes were the designer bags of our time, and I didn’t have a Canal Street connection back then.

So, I went up and talked to her. I couldn’t tell you what was said. (This is why I could never in good conscience write my memoir’s, who can remember?)

At any rate, the die was cast for our lifelong friendship. We have so many memories together from grade school through high school, through marriages, and deaths, through losses and triumphs.

Now, we are as different as salt and pepper, as moon and sun. Our lives have taken completely different routes. I used to say, if I met her now, I probably wouldn’t be friends with her.

But that’s just plain silly you rascally rabbit.

We judge people so quickly; you never know what kind of inspiring person might be hiding behind that lunch box. You may miss out. If I hadn’t taken a chance and said hello, who knows…I might not be writing today about blonde haired first-graders and Bugs Bunny lunch boxes.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Plane Thoughts

Thoughts from the other night, while flying SEA-EWR...

I think I’ve mentioned before, when talking about cities or traveling, I write in "airport talk" sometimes. SEA- is Seattle obviously; EWR is Newark, which is not so apparent, etc, etc) Chalk it up to the fact that I am easily influenced by others and have several friends who work in the airline industry. Plus, I honestly think any sort of code or abbreviate is cool. I am all about LOL or BRB or my fave TTYL.

We were in our old ‘Joisey neck o’ the woods over the weekend, attending the wedding of some friends of ours, a good Polish girl from Bayonne, and a good ol' Irish Jersey City firefighter. Yes, full Catholic mass and do the math on how much liquor was consumed. Ha Ha.

Another story for another day, but you can take the girl out of Jersey, but man, that Jersey does not budge from the girl.

At any rate, when I'm flying, especially on the long flights, I tend to write a lot, and usually come up with some pretty good ideas. I have bushels of things started; the rub is getting them finished. It's amazing how much gets done while wedged in a plane. Perhaps having nowhere to go for hours on end settles me into the mode. Something I try to replicate when on the ground, but I'm not able to get the same affect. The phone and internet work down here, and I can open the fridge.

I feel important while writing on a plane. I know people are glancing at me now and again, wondering if I am working on the next great American novel. Truth is, I am probably writing about them, because another thing flying causes in a lot of people is the “Center of the Universe” syndrome.

Which leads me to:
Recovering DJ’s Top 3 Flying Pet Peeves
  • People who hog up the aisle while fussing with their massive luggage
It never ceases to amaze me how someone will hold up all the passengers behind them while they fuss for eons with their luggage, for hours (ok it’s only minutes, but it seems like forever.)
  • People who lean to far back in their seat
Your head is in my knee lady, and seriously I will kick your seat like a two-year old if this continues
  • People who talk soooo loud to their seatmate
Dude, she’s right next to you and even she doesn’t care about your exploits on the golf course, let alone the whole plane. You're why we don't want cell phones allowed.

I know only 3? Well, the middle seat was vacant!!!, so the ride was much more luxurious than usual, so I’m feelin’ a bit generous.

It’s the little things that keep us going.

And speakin' of keepin' us going, like to give a shout out to all the Veterans out there today, new an old. We should all have a quick happy thought for the the brave peeps who keep us safe, so we can sit and blog about minutia.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who do ya know whadda ya know?

Sometimes knowing your audience makes it a little difficult to entertain accordingly.  You feel yourself editing to spare feelings, or hide information you don't want certain people to know. 

Working on-air in Detroit was the first time in my radio career that my family, not to mention friends I’ve know since grade school, were in the market...and listening.

So when the douche bag morning guy slandered me on his show I took it much more personal then when I was in Cadillac or Akron, where no one really knew me. 

"My mom is listening” I’d whine to my program director.  (Tom O'Brien where are you?!!)  "I'm gonna kill him, I’m gonna spill his skanky little secrets!”

But I wouldn't.  I would want to.  I would instead call people and explain, “No, what Danny said wasn't true.”  He was just trolling for ratings using my reputation as bait. 

Knowing your audience can be good sometimes too, in an evil scientist sort of way. I was told once you shouldn’t use the airwaves for your own personal gain and amusement, but man it’s hard to resist. But that is another story for another day my pretties.

I digress....

So seriously, really WOW what a historic night it was Tuesday night.  No matter what your preferences, it really really was one heck of a chapter for the U. S of A.   I cried and cried and then I laughed and all the while I had a few cocktails.  And now we'll see what happens. We could not do any worse; I am confident we'll do better.

It's funny though, I've always been proud to be an American, but apparently alot of people weren’t' until last night.   Well, glad to hear they’re happy now and I hope we can all just get along, because suddenly a “new crop of bitters” has sprouted up and that’s just not good for business.  We’ve got things to do and places to go and I think this little country that could…. needs to grow up a bit.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Vote!


Song of the Day:

"American Girl”- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers


‘Well she was an American girl, raised on promises…

This is a great song to start running, or driving or walking to…. try it and see.  It also sounds like a beginning of a movie…It probably is somewhere….

I digress….

When the Gulf War hit in 1990, I was working at WZOQ-92ZOO in Lima, OH. As I was heading to the station one morning…. after laying blurry-eyed on the couch all night watching CNN….it dawned on me what a great country this is and how fortunate I was to be a part of it.  Here I was, a single America girl living away from her family, driving alone to speak relatively freely over radio station airwaves.  

What a concept.  And yet, I don’t think I had ever really thought about it before, the simple things we do every day. Freedoms we take for granted every day.

I've lived all over this country.  Different areas have strikingly different values and customs.  But it’s all still the good ol’ U. S of A. 

I covered many elections over the years, both local and national. And I always voted wherever I lived.  People fight for our right to vote and I feel we should honor that.  It’s so weird that before today I have never been so nervous and so vested in an election in my entire life.

I was raised in an independent thinking household.  I've slowly shifted my views over the last few years from where I originally started.   But that is the beauty of it, we’re allowed to.  We’re allowed to talk freely, and vote freely not live in fear we'll  be persecuted for our beliefs. 

Five artists who do a song called “Election Day”

Seriously, all on I-Tunes!


Lyle Lovett

The Replacements

Blaze Foley

The Riots Before

Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday music musings

Song of the Day: "Friday I'm in Love"  The Cure

I think I had a T-shirt that said "You've got the disease, we've got The Cure".  Not sure where it is, and honestly....not completely sure the t-shirt  ever existed. It's possible I made up the concept because I thought it would be a cool shirt to have.  

Ahhh, the joy of losing brain cells. At least I'm pretty sure it was fun. 

Speaking of The Cure , a friend of mine, who Robert Smith loves has got a new band together, an all-female  fab trio called Josephine. Check 'em out online and if you're in the NYC area check 'em out live!   They're  gonna be huge, so you can say you knew them back in the day. That's always cool.  

Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders is back in action, and still rockin'.  She bought a place in the ol' Akron hood and is trying to make vegetarians out of those Ohio mouth breathers, ha ha.   I might have to check her out when she comes to Seattle

So now that I am "on staff" at Muzik Reviews, you should check my reviews for free while you still can, you never know when Rolling Stone or Blender will call.  :)

Happy Halloween!  And remember beer doesn't go with chocolate, wine does!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

If you're Mr. or Ms. Pro Crastinat0r,  here's a a few more ideas you can pull together quickly. 

True Blood character
I don't watch this show but apparently it's about vampires who look like real people; how hard can that be to put together? Makes me look at people on the street a little different though, because I guess you never know who's a blood sucker!

Since a bunch of people seem to be going out as Vampires or Sarah Palin this year, this could make you the ANTI "life of the party"  

Paint or sew or draw  "vampire slayer" on an old shirt.  Get some garlic, a cross or a wooden stake and something that looks like it's holy water.  

Or you could dress like a normal person too, now that I think about it Buffy was "one of us." You could also dress up as a priest but it might be hard to find a little boy to walk around with you all night. 

This is my costume this year.  If you've read my previous post on "punny" Halloween costumes, you'll know I'm not a fan of "normal" run-of- the ol' mill dress-up.  I picked up a devil's outfit the other night, just so I would have SOMETHING to wear. 

 And then it hit me...devil's outfit + the addition of a pin or some kind of label that says "Advocate"  Violia!  

Added bonus, watch the look on the faces of others when they  take in your devil outfit, see the name tag that says "advocate" and then slowly put it all together.  Priceless!  Or at least I am hoping it is.   


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Top 15 Halloween Songs

You’ve got your costume ready to go. The ingredients for Devil’s Food Cake and Vampire Blood Punch are in the cupboard.   A few jack-o- lanterns and spiderweb decorations and you think your party is complete, right?  Wrong!  Whether you’re having a small gathering or a full on barnburner, the zombies and witches still need to get their groove on.  Here's a list to get you started, most of these can be found on I-Tunes. 
  1. Devil Inside - INXS
  2. Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon- A classic
  3. Devil Went Down To Georgia - Charlie Daniels Band
  4. Spooky - Classics IV
  5. Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
  6. Ghost Busters - Ray Parker Jr.  Who ya gonna call?
  7. Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
  8. Highway To Hell - AC/DC- So last century, they aren't online, scary
  9. Dead Man's Party-Oingo Boingo-Who doesnt like to say "Oingo Boingo" !?
  10. Nightmare on My Street - DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
  11. Running With The Devil - Van Halen
  12. Withchy Woman- The Eagles
  13. Monster Mash - Bobby 'Boris' Pickett-Only time of the year you can hear this one!
  14. Somebody's Watching Me-Rockwell- You can discuss if  Michael Jackson is singing on this song or not....   And speaking of M.J, last but  NEVER least...
  15. Thriller – Michael Jackson-Download a "Thriller" Dance Session for added funny fun

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Morning Moanin’

(Props to the late great Bob Talbert, Detroit Free Press columnist)

Last night I couldn’t sleep and there’s nothing on TV.  Five gazillion channels and nothing on. Why is it late Sunday nights have a different schedule than the rest of the week?  I would prefer to fall asleep to my usual shows. The networks seem to run the STUPIDEST programming in the time slot from Sunday at 11PM on. My choices were pretty much “Hook”,  “Patch Adams” and the TBS standby “Pretty Woman”.  

You'd think network execs know Sunday night is big insomnia night, so run something good that a captive audience is gonna watch.  Usually you sleep in on Sundays, so you’re not tired at your normal bedtime.  Or you drank more coffee than usual, or you just have the Sunday Night Dreads.

My old EMU roommate was the first person I ever met who talked about the Sunday Night Dreads. I didn’t know anyone else had them.    SND is the feeling you get right after dinner usually, like around 7 or so…when suddenly you realize the weekend is crashing to a close. You’re ruminating about the good times, you’re sad it’s over, you’re mad because you didn’t get as much done as you wanted to.

And then, I really hits you…like a fat cat running from a water hose right at YOU.

Tomorrow is Monday.  (Scary music here)  Your tummy tumbles, your heart beats and your brain starts tossing around all the things you have to do tomorrow.

So you think you’d better get to bed because you have a big day.  But you can’t sleep.

So that’s where I was last night.  Mind racing, flipping channels and I came across the “Sarah Silverman Show."  I was apprehensive at first, I even went through all the channels again and there was seriously nothing else on.  At any rate, I feel like I don’t really know her so I thought I would give her a chance. 

It was pretty painful.  She’s a critics' darling- that makes me suspicious to begin with, I am usually not on board with the critics. 

Like for example, take  “30 Rock”… love love Tina Fey…Thought “Mean Girls” was great. She’s a smart woman who writes well and is not afraid to show her brain instead of the other b's. But "30 Rock" is generally not all that  Yet it keeps winning Emmy’s and the critics LOVE it.  Maybe there is a critic club I don’t know about. 

Speaking of Tina, enough with the Sarah Palin bit.  Tell Lorne to bite it man, the bit is over.  That is one of the biggest problems with SNL, is they just don’t know when to stop the bit.  And no, not an SP fan, just sayin…

Well, Sunday Dreads gone, and  Monday Moanin’ here… so “Good day and may the good news be yours!”

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Radio On The TV

Song of the Day: “Radio”  The Members

Great forgotten song from 1982

"I listen to the radio, it's better than the stereo"

What’s occurred to me recently, although it’s been going on for quite a while, is the practice of television breaking bands.  It just seems to be much more blatant now. 

Back in the day, we listened to the RADIO for new music.

A good example of this phenomenon is “Dawson’s Creek” Two artist appear on the show that previously were not well known.  Paula Cole’s,  “I Don’t Wanna Wait” served as the theme song and Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” appeared in an episode.  Paula went on to win a Grammy, and Edwin still has a career. 

And then there is the band that did the the theme song for “Friends”, “I’ll Be There For You. Suddenly, The Rembrantds became household name, although who can remember any other songs they did?  I guess that’s just the way it is, baby.

And I guess things have really really changed. 

At the end of “Gossip Girl”...several songs and artists are mentioned in the ending voice over with instructions to go to the CW website for more information.

The thing is, I don’t even remember hearing the songs in the episode. Apparently just a tinge of a tune is all you need to get the blatant Verizon cross promotion wheels going.

So that was perplexing, until I came across something quite opposite.

On “Dirty Sexy Money”, the band “The Weepies” was mentioned, many many times in the span of a few minutes. My interest was sufficiently piqued, cute name…I would make a note of it and check them out.

But much to my amazement, the band suddenly appears on the show in the most convoluted way possible.  I was stunned by the sheer boldness of this brazen move.  Of course, now I really have to look up this seemingly simple looking band and lo and behold on their My Space page they write,

"THE WEEPIES’…Music appeared in more than a dozen TV shows, as well as several major motion pictures …JCPenney and Old Navy used their tunes as the theme songs…"

There’s more, it goes on and on, but here’s my point.  Not once do they mention RADIO in their bio. They appeared on TV shoes and COMMERCIALS.  This is a band that’s not afraid of selling out at all.

Back in my day, it was the “job” of radio, more like the expectation I guess, to break the bands, play the new music.  I could tell you story after story, about the bands I helped make it, the songs I played first in a market.  I just don’t think radio is like that anymore.

But here’s the kicker. The sad thing is I’m not really sure how it really works any more.  How the new bands get noticed.   I hardly listen to the radio anymore. I did in New York sometimes, I do when I go to Detroit, but I hardly ever do in Seattle.

At first, I think it was because I just didn’t want to listen to something I wasn’t a part of it anymore.  Now, the truth is we can’t get any radio reception in our area, just a few NPR and college stations.

So I get my new music fix the NEW-fashioned way, XM radio new music channel, XMU, I-Tunes, reading about it in magazines and various music websites.

Oh, and yes, television-TV shows and commercials. 


Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Musings

Soooo Monday today.  Hey, housewives pretending to be writers can have a case of the Monday’s!

Mindless Monday Musings

(And Shamless Self Promotion)


Recived snarky comments over the weekend on a website I contribute to, the Examiner.  They were about grammar and punctuation,  and I am bad at those things, so they weren’t completely earth shattering. At least I got that first one out of the way.  Recovering DJ’s  are very sensitive.

Music For Your Eyes

My first reviews, who knows I could be onto something. 

Edwin Mccain

I like him, met him and it was funny because I thought it would be easier to review someone I already had some back story on.

Dave Corp

Knew nothing about them, and they're definitely not my type of tunes at all.  But surprisingly, I got throught the CD and tried to write something objective.

Be a True Music Owner

Forget buying the CD or downloading some tracks, you could own the rights to an actual song, crazy but true!  Check out Songvest.

And Now a Somber Note

This poem written by a children from Africa and nominated by UN  for recognition in 2008.

When I born, I black

When I grow up, I black

When I go in Sun, I black

When I scared, I black

When I sick, I black

And when I die, I still black


And you white fellow

When you born, you pink

When you grow up, you white

When you go in sun, you red

When you cold, you blue 

When you scared, you yellow

When you sick, you green

And when you die, you gray


And you calling me colored?