Monday, November 24, 2008

This Radio Life Part 2-Names & B'days

When was on the radio, my air name was sometimes, and most famously Susan Cruise.
I was actually just Susan at WORB- the Oakland Community College radio station where This Radio Life all started. At my first paid gig, up in Cadillac,MI- I was Susan Dean. I know pretty lame.

Onward I went to Lima, OH where the overlords wanted something jazzier. So Susan Cruise..AKA Cruisin’ Susan was born. Until I went to Akron, OH and Buffalo, NY where I worked and later hung out with the incomparable Sue O’Neil. Sue had seniority and wanted to be the only Sue….so Dianna Cruise was born. Changing names on a whim can be fun.

But back in Detroit, I was Susan Cruise again. Nov. 20th came around and I did a shout out "Happy Birthday" to my dad, because even thought he wasn’t listening I knew my mom was and she would tell him. Plus, a huge on-air perk was the on-air birthday announcement. People love to hear their name on-air and you are so forgiven if you for forgot the card and gift.

So I said something like this I am sure:

“ Latest from Sheryl Crow there…Q95 5. How are ya, its Susan Cruise wishing my papa Tom a happy happy birthday, Have a good day daddy! We’ll check the weather next on the Q.”

And the phones started ringing’ off the hook. I couldn't figure it out, It didn’t even dawn on me at first.

Half of Metro Detroit was wondering: “Is your dad really TOM Cruise!??”

Tee hee. In a matter of speaking, I guess so.

Happy Belated Tom “Cruise” ☺

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