Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday music musings

Song of the Day: "Friday I'm in Love"  The Cure

I think I had a T-shirt that said "You've got the disease, we've got The Cure".  Not sure where it is, and honestly....not completely sure the t-shirt  ever existed. It's possible I made up the concept because I thought it would be a cool shirt to have.  

Ahhh, the joy of losing brain cells. At least I'm pretty sure it was fun. 

Speaking of The Cure , a friend of mine, who Robert Smith loves has got a new band together, an all-female  fab trio called Josephine. Check 'em out online and if you're in the NYC area check 'em out live!   They're  gonna be huge, so you can say you knew them back in the day. That's always cool.  

Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders is back in action, and still rockin'.  She bought a place in the ol' Akron hood and is trying to make vegetarians out of those Ohio mouth breathers, ha ha.   I might have to check her out when she comes to Seattle

So now that I am "on staff" at Muzik Reviews, you should check my reviews for free while you still can, you never know when Rolling Stone or Blender will call.  :)

Happy Halloween!  And remember beer doesn't go with chocolate, wine does!


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