Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Morning Moanin’

(Props to the late great Bob Talbert, Detroit Free Press columnist)

Last night I couldn’t sleep and there’s nothing on TV.  Five gazillion channels and nothing on. Why is it late Sunday nights have a different schedule than the rest of the week?  I would prefer to fall asleep to my usual shows. The networks seem to run the STUPIDEST programming in the time slot from Sunday at 11PM on. My choices were pretty much “Hook”,  “Patch Adams” and the TBS standby “Pretty Woman”.  

You'd think network execs know Sunday night is big insomnia night, so run something good that a captive audience is gonna watch.  Usually you sleep in on Sundays, so you’re not tired at your normal bedtime.  Or you drank more coffee than usual, or you just have the Sunday Night Dreads.

My old EMU roommate was the first person I ever met who talked about the Sunday Night Dreads. I didn’t know anyone else had them.    SND is the feeling you get right after dinner usually, like around 7 or so…when suddenly you realize the weekend is crashing to a close. You’re ruminating about the good times, you’re sad it’s over, you’re mad because you didn’t get as much done as you wanted to.

And then, I really hits you…like a fat cat running from a water hose right at YOU.

Tomorrow is Monday.  (Scary music here)  Your tummy tumbles, your heart beats and your brain starts tossing around all the things you have to do tomorrow.

So you think you’d better get to bed because you have a big day.  But you can’t sleep.

So that’s where I was last night.  Mind racing, flipping channels and I came across the “Sarah Silverman Show."  I was apprehensive at first, I even went through all the channels again and there was seriously nothing else on.  At any rate, I feel like I don’t really know her so I thought I would give her a chance. 

It was pretty painful.  She’s a critics' darling- that makes me suspicious to begin with, I am usually not on board with the critics. 

Like for example, take  “30 Rock”… love love Tina Fey…Thought “Mean Girls” was great. She’s a smart woman who writes well and is not afraid to show her brain instead of the other b's. But "30 Rock" is generally not all that  Yet it keeps winning Emmy’s and the critics LOVE it.  Maybe there is a critic club I don’t know about. 

Speaking of Tina, enough with the Sarah Palin bit.  Tell Lorne to bite it man, the bit is over.  That is one of the biggest problems with SNL, is they just don’t know when to stop the bit.  And no, not an SP fan, just sayin…

Well, Sunday Dreads gone, and  Monday Moanin’ here… so “Good day and may the good news be yours!”

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