Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow? We don't need no stinkin' SNOW!

It snowed in Vegas last night. VEGAS. It makes you contemplate the whole “when hell freezes over” expression. If you see piggies flying by….well…

The other night, the first snowfall settled upon the Seattle area. It’s comical how initially a few flurries can make even the most cynical, “anti-snow” person a little jubilant. We stood outside our local, having no commitments and nowhere to drive and raised our faces to the sky, the ginormous flakes whizzing by. It was pretty, like being in a snow globe. Yes, we had a few glasses of wine in us too.

But now it’s snowing again. And it’s not so pretty anymore when you have to be somewhere. It’s not so pretty when you live in a state that doesn’t clean the roads very well, or have salt.

This is my third winter (gooood grief, I’ve been here this long already, ugh)…In an area that allegedly never gets any snow, at least that’s what we were told before we moved here. At any rate, there are many many things I don‘t understand about this neck of the woods, but one of my big beefs is this…. clean the effin roads!

It is beyond my comprehension how a few inches of snow strands an entire metro area, schools are closed, roads are icy and the best they can say is put chains on your tires. I don’t even know how one would go about doing that.

I know, I KNOW "they" do the best they can. It’s hard with all the hills here. (Another secret Seattle tidbit) Where I come from, those roads get cleared pretty quickly. That salt is thrown down. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have had school all winter, we would have had snow days all the time.

Snow days all the time? Hmmm, on second thought……