Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just be your Elf

The Space needle and a tree. Yes, the girl from Michigan is writing about New York from Seattle. Deal with it ;)

In the last few days, I've watched the movie "Elf" about 5 times. Directed by the underrated Jon Favre and starring the big kid Will Ferrell, who despite looking like an ex in a certain light now and again… always makes me laugh.

Most of the time I fell asleep or was doing something else while it was on, so in all actuality I probably watched it straight through about once. It's a great happy movie to fall asleep too, I like something light in the background. And the music is really jammy so it's good to have on doing chores and what not.

At any rate, for awhile I couldn't figure out my sudden obsession with this small little holiday flick. I was getting worried.

And then after about viewing 4, as Elf made it out of the Candy Cane Forest, and past the Swirly Twirly Gumdrops, and he's walking through the Lincoln Tunnel and he comes out........

And there it is. The Big Apple. All shiny and pretty and exciting and...and it hits me.

"Elf" is a giant video love letter to NYC. And it gets better the more you watch it. And double bonus if you know and love the City that Never Sleeps! The city that wears Christmas like no other.

But Christmas comes to wherever you are, it's that small light in all of us, that shines no matter where you are. Santa can always fine you! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Snow Falls in Seattle-A Street View

When the snowing gets tough, the tough grab a snowboard. Resourceful kids on Broad St. in Seattle

From buses hanging over I-5 to the heartbreaking stories of the stuck masses out at Sea-Tac, to say it’s been heck of a week weather-wise in Seattle is an extreme understatement.

Slip Sliding Away

Who really gets used to cold and snow? I guess some people do, those that enjoy winter and skiing and sledding and all that. I myself…not a fan of the winter sports.

If you can't beat it, than do some city skiing

I think the problem is, I really hate snow touching me. I remember as a kid, getting into those full body-armor snowsuits and feeling well protected from all the elements. Although it really sucked when you had an itch. Or when you started getting sweaty and all it just pooled in your suit. Ewwww…you know what I mean!

An umbrella is good way to keep the snow from touching you

But with snow, comes the whole white XMAS thing, so you just have to make the best if it.

This looks like the beginning of a Holiday Animated Special ;)