Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bugs Bunny Lunch Box

Song of the Day: Borderline-Madonna

Today is the birthday of a dear dear friend of mine. I’ve known her since I was around 6, so I’ve known her most of my life. We have not lived in the same state most of our adult lives, but she is always there, on the phone, online via IM or e-mail, and I just got her started on Facebook.

We are very different people- different values, different lifestyles, and different hair color. But we both loved the Bay City Rollers, and Madonna and Bonne Belle lip-gloss and all kinds of food.

Our shared loves have evolved into "Seinfeld" and "Lost", and Bonne Belle lip-gloss, and all kinds of food. And we love each other, no matter what. I think we both know that now, we’re stuck with each other; after surfing wave after wave of events; sometimes together, and sometimes apart, good and bad.

We met very innocently, (I think she hates when I tell this story). It was first grade at Longacre Elementary. I had already done kindergarten there, so I was in the loop. She was new. She looked scared, as all the kids pretty much knew each other from last year and had already begun to form their clique’s.

She stood on the outside the circle, head down a bit, biting her lip, blond wavy hair swirling around her face. I'm betting she was wearing a matching sweater and skirt ensemble as sweaty hands grasped a Bugs Bunny lunch box, that I thought was exquisite. Even in first grade I thought in big words, Ha Ha.

I did not have a Bugs Bunny. I think I had some stupid plaid lunch box, or maybe one with monkeys. Lunch boxes were the designer bags of our time, and I didn’t have a Canal Street connection back then.

So, I went up and talked to her. I couldn’t tell you what was said. (This is why I could never in good conscience write my memoir’s, who can remember?)

At any rate, the die was cast for our lifelong friendship. We have so many memories together from grade school through high school, through marriages, and deaths, through losses and triumphs.

Now, we are as different as salt and pepper, as moon and sun. Our lives have taken completely different routes. I used to say, if I met her now, I probably wouldn’t be friends with her.

But that’s just plain silly you rascally rabbit.

We judge people so quickly; you never know what kind of inspiring person might be hiding behind that lunch box. You may miss out. If I hadn’t taken a chance and said hello, who knows…I might not be writing today about blonde haired first-graders and Bugs Bunny lunch boxes.

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