Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Musings

Soooo Monday today.  Hey, housewives pretending to be writers can have a case of the Monday’s!

Mindless Monday Musings

(And Shamless Self Promotion)


Recived snarky comments over the weekend on a website I contribute to, the Examiner.  They were about grammar and punctuation,  and I am bad at those things, so they weren’t completely earth shattering. At least I got that first one out of the way.  Recovering DJ’s  are very sensitive.

Music For Your Eyes

My first reviews, who knows I could be onto something. 

Edwin Mccain

I like him, met him and it was funny because I thought it would be easier to review someone I already had some back story on.

Dave Corp

Knew nothing about them, and they're definitely not my type of tunes at all.  But surprisingly, I got throught the CD and tried to write something objective.

Be a True Music Owner

Forget buying the CD or downloading some tracks, you could own the rights to an actual song, crazy but true!  Check out Songvest.

And Now a Somber Note

This poem written by a children from Africa and nominated by UN  for recognition in 2008.

When I born, I black

When I grow up, I black

When I go in Sun, I black

When I scared, I black

When I sick, I black

And when I die, I still black


And you white fellow

When you born, you pink

When you grow up, you white

When you go in sun, you red

When you cold, you blue 

When you scared, you yellow

When you sick, you green

And when you die, you gray


And you calling me colored?

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