Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Curious Case of the Cassidy Charisma

A few weeks ago I was watching a Harry Potter movie marathon on ABC Family, reeducating myself in anticipation of checking out the latest flick in the franchise. I haven’t seen it yet, but I have been pondering about a promo for another show I kept seeing.

And it’s something I haven’t admitted to anyone until now. I’ll just come out and say it. They say the first step towards recovering is admitting.

I secretly want to watch "Ruby & The Rockits" that premieres tonight.

It’s a show that seems to essentially be about two brothers who were in a band in the 80’s and now they’re off the radar. A long lost daughter appears and the musical mayhem begins. One brother played by David Cassidy, who is really, really aging very well. The other brother is Patrick Cassidy, so the story is mirroring reality a bit. I’m not a reality show person, but I like the twist the show is employing.

But one of the biggest reasons I want to watch the show: Shaun Cassidy is the executive producer. YES Shaun…AKA JOE HARDY. The first boy who made my tummy feel funny when I saw him.

I distinctly remember discussing this phenomenon with my classmates in the bathroom Monday morning after the Sunday night premier of “The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries” We broke into the “Joe” groupies or “Frank” groupies…who was played by Parker Stevenson.

Ironically, I had wanted to watch the show because I was a HUGE fan of the Nancy Drew mystery books. But after seeing Joe, it was adios Nance. The show at first alternated every week between a Hardy Boys episode and a Nancy Drew episode. We were not thrilled on the nights that Joe & Frank did not grace our screens.

But Joe DID grace my walls. Oh yes he did. That was the beginning of the “Tiger Beat” era of decorating for me. I would save my allowance to get the latest magazine and plaster every bit of wall space with pictures of Shaun. I have to ponder on who he was later joined by, maybe Scott Baio and maybe Jimmy McNichol. YIKES!

And let’s not forget the great Shaun Cassidy music. Yes, I had the albums. “Da Do Ron Ron”, “Hey Deanie”, “That’s Rock & Roll”

Pure magic to a little girl’s heart. Even after all these years.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Moonin’

Even though at the time, I was as big as a raindrop, I do remember it, I swear I do. Perched upon my Dad’s shoulders in our old backyard, my eyes following his finger that was pointing at the moon.

"A man just landed there", said my science and science fiction loving pop in a tone of serene reverence.

I nodded, my small, undeveloped soul sensing the seriousness of such an auspicious moment.

I would spend many years after that, staring at the sky, seeking a glimpse of the guy walking on the moon. I would also think the moon looked like a smiling man, and would wonder if I got it wrong.

In honor of the 4oth anniversary of the first and only moonwalk...

The Recovering DJ’s top 7 Moon Songs
(to be listened to eating Crescent Rolls & Moon Pies, tee hee)

1-Man on the Moon-REM

References Andy Kaufman... which reminds me of a company I worked at for a minute during my Manhattan days that was co-owned my Andy’s brother. Which really has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I just thought I'd bring it up.

2-Walking on the Moon-The Police

3-Whole of the Moon-The Waterboys

It's taken me over 20 years to tolerate this song.

4-Fly Me to the Moon-Frank Sinatra

This is the version I’m most familiar with as it was played for me over and over again on a pub jukebox until I agreed to speak to a certain someone after a disagreement.
There’s also a groovy version from “Down with Love” by Astrud Gilberto.

5-C’ Moon (Cry Like a Baby)-Simple Minds

One of those bands I forget how much I love

6-New Moon On Monday-Duran Duran

7-Moondance-Van Morrison

Good, warm summer time music

Now go have some Crescent Rolls!