Friday, September 26, 2008

Tube Talkin'

Song of the day:  “I Don’t Want to Grow Up” –The Ramones

“Growing up isn’t about making the right decisions, it’s about dealing with the decisions you made” 

Betty’s dad to Betty on “Ugly Betty

Just a side note-This blog isn't always going to be about TV.  But I do LOVE TV.  And when I was on the air I talked about TV. I did Trivia Contests about TV. (easy cheezy trivia! ally's answers!)

And since I am trying to do a “Blog Radio Show”-I’m talking ‘bout da tube if I want to. Beside, it’s “Stay at Home Week” on ABC.  New shows are on, so come on people!  Gotta keep up with the times. That's what pontificating on pop culture is all about.

The first five minutes of U.B was good.  Then it went downhill from there. I think we were really duped by the promos. ABC does fabulous promos.  They make the shows sooo much better than they really are sometimes.  You could just watch the promos and keep up on the shows.  "7th Heaven"  on the WB was like that. I NEVER watched it-but the promos really kept me in the loop. I am bettin' TV and Ad execs would LOVE that recommendation! HA HA!

Last night’s Betty wasn’t as excruciating as Grey’s Anatomy.  At 9:24 Grey’s was already too running too long. And it was a two-hour episode!  I loved G.A when it first came on.  I think it was a mid-season show, with only a few episodes made at first right? I know it used to be on Sunday’s and I’d have to watch it in the bedroom because football was still on. 

But Grey’s is still a guilty pleasure. 

Hey-that’s an oxymoron-guilty pleasure”. How can it be a pleasure if you feel guilty about it ????  Heh Heh Heh

I digress.  

I spent a whole summer jamming to the music of Grey’s. They did for some bands what some radio stations USED to do for music, heh heh.  But there I was, boppin’ around JC and NYC never ever ever ever imagining in my wildest nightmares I’d be schlepping cross-country to the city where the G.A takes place. 

It really IS all about dealing with the decisions you made.

Sucks being a grown up sometime don’t it?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Lipstick Goes with Jungle?

Song of the day “ Love to Hate you”- Erasure

“Joe-please, why don’t you save your pump and dump adventures for your blog?”

Quote from the dark haired babe Victory on NBC’S “Lipstick Jungle”

Victory.  What kind of a name is that??

Andrew McCarthy plays Joe.  I loved loved loved him in “St. Elmo’s Fire”. And “Joy Luck Club” and “Pretty In Pink” What am I missing? But man, he’s gotten old.

I digress.  The quote “Save the Adventures for your Blog” struck me as very funny. 

Funny ha ha, not funny peculiar.

Funny that it’s so commonplace to have a blog now.  Or at the very least a Facebook page.  

Ahh Facebook (cue the Homer Simpson Voice) I love me my Facebook.

We’ve become a bunch of navel grazers.(edit note: that would be navel GAZERS-thanks to the "bankrupt divorcee- I screwed up how to publish your comment :) We think the 

minutiae of our daily lives is interesting to others.   Well I know mine is…heh heh.

But back to the “Jungle”- I didn’t watch it last season.  I must confess I watched it last night because one of my friends posted on Facebook she was waiting for the season premiere. 

So I thought what the heck, I’ll check it out too.  Yeah, I’m that easily swayed.

One reason I didn’t initially watch “Lipstick Jungle” was mostly due to a long simmering hatred of Brooke Shields. I don’t know why I detested her soooooo much, but when I was younger, I really did. 

Maybe it was the eyebrows.

Or the fact that I could never fit, let alone afford Calvin Klein’s. And then ol’ B.S played a character named SUSAN on “ Suddenly Susan”. I was irate.  The nerve of her.

But then suddenly Susan stopped hating her.

Perhaps even grudgingly I don’t mind her in small doses.  No motive for the turnaround, it just happened.

It’s like the person in high school who was your arch nemesis-for no real reason you can recall now. You just LOVED TO HATE THEM.  You were always on opposite ends.

But as a so called grown up, you might run into old enemies and have some pleasant conversations.  All bad blood from the past is washed away for the most part.

It’s like that with Brooke and me.

I am sure she is very relived.  

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's the First Post-Finally!

           Song of the Day

        “ A Little Less Conversation a Little More Action” 

          Elvis Presley 

My name is Susan, and I am a Recovering DJ.  

For over 10 years, I made a living turning on a microphone and speaking into it between songs and commercials.  

Doesn’t sound so glamorous when you put it that way eh? 

For a cornucopia of reasons I’ve been attempting to get a blog up for AGES. 

I started this one:  Sleeping Pretty Good in Seattle

But for a myriad of motives, I inexplicably dropped it. 

For the last 18 months or so I’ve been reading books and articles and other blogs on how to blog-

but not actually blogging.   

I am very easily distracted. 

Lots o' Conversation with Li'l Action. 

So why am I a recovering DJ? Well I don't work in radio anymore.

But for me, I have finally admitted  radio is like the love you never really got over.   

I say I am over it.  I tell everyone I am.  

But every once in awhile when I am not paying attention it creeps out.  

The secret devotion lingering in the back cupboard of my cluttered mind.  

This blog is an attempt to fill that void.  To babble and entertain, to ramble and perchance to amuse.   A radio break via blog. 

I have spent many many a day trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life,

and it is time to start doing something, however small, however insignificant.

I’ll pontificate on the latest pop culture that suites ME-the "Blog Runner" the "Former Talent."

The writing is sophomoric and the grammar is atrocious.  But I have seen worse out there in the blogasphere.  

And with that, for now I say Good Day, and May the Good News be Yours."