Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Recovering DJ's latest grooves

Indie Songs I’m groovin’ on this month-just a few of many

It’s that time of year, we're over Winter and anxious to move on to Spring already. While I can’t do a darn thing about the weather, I can offer up some musical gems that might take the edge off.

There’s an irony in my little household that once upon a time, I was the one discovering new music to spin on the radio. Find artists to educate the masses…make the listeners see, well actually hear, the error of their musical ways and try to persuade them who they really should be listening too. At least that’s how you think it’s gonna work when you start out as a baby DJ. Record companies and artists were always sending me albums and CD’s so I didn’t have to look for music, it came to me.

Now, my main source for new music is my husband. He’s got a knack for discovering a quirky group…usually someone he read about in Blender or Rolling Stone. With the rise of iTunes (and the Genius feature, which is awesome.) Anyone can find new music.

Most of these songs I came across on XM satellite radio, Channel 43 XMU. It's actually Sirius XM now and unfortunately, XMU is not that great since that the companies have merged, which is a shame because it was a Xcellent indie music source. It's funny I liked XM much better, because they were owned by that biz killer, Clear Channel.

It’s kinda hard to make note of new songs when driving, which I only do about once a week. I try to say the names aloud a few times over and over in hopes of memorizing the band name. If I have paper and pen close by, I try to write and drive, or sometimes I take a picture of the radio with my phone in hopes of being able to see the digital readout later. That one doesn’t work out so well.

Truthfully some of these tunes aren’t “new” but they’re new to me, and therefore as far as I’m concerned, new to my universe. What’s old is new again. Like flowers poking their heads once again through the frozen dirt, some songs finally reach the surface of my existence and I finally notice.

Rogue Wave-“Chicago X 12”
I’d call them a “poppy-alternative” hybrid. These guys are on Jack Johnson’s label now after Seattle’s Sub Pop dropped them.

The New Pornographers -“Twin Cinema”

Title track from their 2005 release, I missed the boat the first time around on this cheeky band from “up north ay“ in Vancouver.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah -“Over and Over Again””

Another ’05. All the kids call these Brooklyn/Philly boys CYHSY. The lead singer totally sounds like David Byrne, which is a big duh for those who have already been on the train. I again remember reading about them, but eh…just never got around to checking them out, for shame!

The Kills-“The Good Ones”
I should really call this list the "best of ’05." I guess Sirius doesn’t have any newer CD’s, what with having to pay Howard Stern (*SNAP*)Anyways-this one of those songs that just really gets under my groove skin, which is different than your regular skin, don’t ya know?

M.Ward featuring Zooey Deschanel-“Never Had Nobody Like You”
This one is actually from 2009!! M. Ward lives in Oregon and his latest work is an old school sound with a fresh car smell. A bit more popish than some of his pervious work I think, but the addition of the always-"Elfish" Zooey gives this song a unique feel.

While "music is within a world within itself, in a language we all understand (so says "Sir Duke" himslef, Mr. Stevie Wonder), music is also EXTREMLY subjective and personal, so if you don’t like my list…please keep that in mind.