Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time Talking

I was in Champion's the other day, looking for a time-themed costume for a time-themed party. (70’s costume, milestone birthday party) and was ruminating on time, how times have changed, how much time I had to find something, how much time has passed since I met my dear friend….

When suddenly, the day turned to night. I panicked for a second, because I thought I had only been there a short time, for when I arrived it was light.

“What time is it?” I asked the hipster dude behind the counter.
“I know, it seems so late now with the time change, right?” was his reply.

Ahhh, that’s right, the time change thing. From daylight savings time to standard time. It gets dark soooo early and you think it’s soooo late.

I was out at 6pm the other night with my husband and I felt it was around 10pm. I was already tired and ready for bed.

The transition from day to night…from light to dark progresses quicker on the West Coast than in the East Coast or the Midwest…something to do with the mountains I think, the sun just drops.

But the thing is, when it was 6PM here, it WAS 9 PM on the East Coast. So I could have been a little tired. I swear for the most part I am still on East Coast time.

I know my darling cats are stuck in their native time zone. They used to get fed around 6 PM EST. Now they are hungry and whining at 3PM PST. You can’t tell an animal that suddenly the time is different just because you shoved them on a plane and flew them to a new time zone.

And time seems different on a Saturday then it does on a Wednesday. Time used to drag during the summer when we were kids, until that week just before school, and suddenly it flew, …you didn’t have enough time to get ready!

I don’t have the time. Can you make some time for me? What time do you have? Is it time to go yet? He’s got too much time on his hands.

It’s time for you to leave. How much time is left in the game? We made good time. What time does the show start? Can you believe how much time she took on that project?

Time flies when you’re havin’ fun. I lost track of time. Thanks so much, we had a great time. Time to make the doughnuts.

Make some time for yourself and the ones you love. Time is precious.

Bonus Songs of the Day-
Top 10 Recovering DJ songs with Time in the Title
In no particular order

Too Much Time on My Hands STYX

Entertained some friends lip-synching to this one on the way down the shore one time.

Favorie Waste of Time- Marshall Crenshaw

He’s from Fashionable Ferndale!

Sign O’ the Times-Prince

Good Times-Chic

Aawww yeah, she went there

Time (Clock of the Heart)- Culture Club

Ditto above

Time Is On My Side –The Rolling Stones

Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper

She was on "Gossip Girl" a few weeks ago, she’s still the bomb, times been good to her!

Fine Time-New Order

All This Time-Sting

Time for Letting Go & This Time it’s Us Jude Cole

An underrated artist who I was obsessed with many years ago, but still worth looking up.

And if you’re talkin’ Time have to give a shout out to that "other" band from Minny, who ask-
What Time is it!

Moris Day and the Time!

Bonus Holiday Time songs

Christmas Time is Here- Vince Guaraldi Trio (Charlie Brown Xmas !!!!) ☺

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year- Andy Williams

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Mjhar said...

May I add, "Time in a Bottle"? :)