Monday, February 23, 2009

My movie two cents...

I'm know I'm a day late and a dollar short....but man oh man...the Oscar's were pretty excruciating!

I was all excited I got home in time to watch them... AND I thought it was sooo money they were live on the West Coast..all the other awards shows are taped which soooo annoys me...

But it was pretty much all for naught. The Hugh Jackman/Anne Hathaway bit was cute. But then... Previous supporting actress winners came out to give long drawn out homage to the 2009 nominees....and suddenly I knew it was going to be a long long haul.

The even moolah was on "Slumdog Millionaire" so not too many people were disappointed. Despite the Slumdog backlash. There's always backlash, but I felt this film was deserving..much more so than past winners...

Top 5 Best Picture Oscar winners that didn't deserve it:
1981 "Chariots of Fire"
My friend and I went to see this after it won, and it was sooooo awful we left pretty early. I think it's the only movie I ever walked out on!

1990 "Dances With Wolves" Never saw it, never will. Have no interest in it. Just the way I roll.
1997 "Titanic"
Ohhh, will never watch this long, lame monstrosity. The boat sinks, they all die...I'm really going to waste 3 hours of my life? There's more to my Titanic distaste, but for another day...

1999 "American Beauty"
Really thought this was weird, bizarre and awful. I think I'm the only one though.

2004 Million Dollar Baby
I was soooo rooting for "Ray" and "Sideways" that year. Hey, maybe it's the word MILLION that helps a flick win? But seriously,Baby was lame and personally I think that's why the far superior "Gran Torino" did not get Clint ANY nominations....the academy blew their wad on this one!

And so ends another award season!