Thursday, April 23, 2009

No more unwatched flicks

The Recovering DJ household recently jumped on the "cost cutting caboose". Factor in that plus plain 'ol principle, and we decided to cancel our Netflix membership. It was really the principle of the whole thing, but strangely I'm a little sad. Cinderella was right, You really don't know what you got until it's gone.

I love Netflix, I really do. From what I've read they're a great company with excellent execution on a great concept. You generally get your new DVD the next day, and now you can even watch certain flicks on the net.

But a problem arises...when you don't watch the movies. Either for months and months or...ever. I've mentioned before that I had possession of a DVD for over 7 months before I watched it. The lack of pressure to turn in a movie on time for some reason lulls me into a mode of "I'll just watch it tomorrow, or the next night, or on the weekend."

Apparently this household isn't the only one suffering from self-induced Netflix nonsense. If there really are alot of people like me out here, the Netflix concept is even more genius.

In the meantime, it's back to cable movies. Thank goodness the new USA shows are starting.


Baxter said...

You should really get a Seattle public library card. They have almost every major release. You just have to put the title on hold and wait a bit. But they will email you when it comes in and then you pick it up at your nearest branch. Easy peasy and free. You can keep the movies for 2 weeks and late fees are only 30 cents a day. I don't know why more people don't use Libraryflix. I swear by it.

Susan said...

I DO have a Seattle library card, it's one of my fave places! I love going online and reserving books, and then when they're available you have your own little section. I forget they have DVD's, thanks for the reminder...but we don't want too many people knowing our secret, ha.