Friday, April 24, 2009

Recovering DJ: my five pence on Susan Boyle

So I’m finally chiming in on the whole Susan Boyle controversy, upheaval, or whatever you want to call it. I'm prone to comment on anyone named Susan, as well as music in general.

Like most news items, I've been paying attention with just half an eye and ear. I see drips and drabs on TV news and scan headlines here and there online or in one of those old fashioned newspaper things. You can’t miss her really; she’s s all over the net and is consistently a trending topic on Twitter.

In case your attention span is worse than mine. Susan Boyle is a contestant on "Britain’s got Talent," She's a tad bit frumpy to put it mildly, and the audience immediately thought she wouldn't be that great. But alas, it’s not true, she got “the voice”.

As a girl who’s got the perfect face for radio and makes everyone in a gym feel much better about themselves when she walks in, I gotta say Bravo Susan B! You make a Susan proud.

Some people are of course now commenting that perhaps it’s all been a calculated act or something, but backlash is inevitable.So what if she did have a few tricks up her taffeta sleeve? It’s called marketing and P.R. It's O.K when actors and other dubious “celebrities” plan their little plots, but heaven forbid a woman like Susan Boyle joke about never being kissed and then admit later she was joking.

The truth is, I just now watched the entire video of her first audition and I started SOBBING, even though I’ve seen parts of it already. Her cute little victory jig at the end reminded me we all have feelings and dreams and we should be permitted to go down our own paths, without getting trampled on by people who think they know it all.

And now I’ll go back to paying half attention.

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