Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I love USA!

The network... Well and the country, of course.

I came to this fascinating and startling conclusion the other night while watching the season 2 premiere of “In Plain Sight”-a show about a pair of U.S Marshalls in New Mexico and the madcap mayhem that happens on the job. The male Marshall is named “Marshall” which my “punny” humor just loves. The female lead is played by Mary McCormack, formally a “West Wing” cast member, (In fact USA seems to employ a lot of former “West Winger’s” which I find incredibly amusing as well) **

At any rate, while watching, a promo comes on for a new USA show starting in June called “Royal Pains” starring Mark Feurstein, he of “In Her Shoes” (a once top-secret favorite Recovering DJ movie, now obviously that’s out)

“Royal Pains” also co-stars Campbell Scott, a fave of mine in the David Mamet classic “The Spanish Prisoner” and of course the Seattle singles scene in “Singles”. Add in the fact that the story sounds fun and I am hooked.

Another promo comes on later for “Burn Notice” featuring the hottest spy in the world played by Jeffrey Donovan and this is when I exclaim to my husband, startling him away from his Kindle, “ I love this network!”

He nods knowingly, his wife is a TV junky and her new fix is now within easy reach on one channel.

I got hooked on USA last year when I started watching “Monk” every day to catch up on the show. The network does such a good job of promoting all their shows that I began to watch more and more. It doesn’t hurt that I am a marketer’s dream, pretty much swayed by slick production and quirky characters.

Yes, I watch too much TV.
I guess admitting it is one step towards recovering though, right?

**What makes USA the “West Wing” Network? (File under things only I care about.)

  • Mary McCormack on “In Plain Site” played Kate Harper, deputy national security advisor
  • Dule Hill on USA's “Pysch” played Charlie, the President’s assistant.
  • Bradley Whitford-Josh on WW guest stars on “Monk”
  • Richard Schiff who played Toby on WW had a two episode story on “Burn Notice” when I checked him out on IMDB it states he also guest stars on “Monk” and “In Plain Site” crazy!

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