Thursday, February 5, 2009

How long should you hold onto a rental?

How long have you kept a Netflix DVD that you’ve NEVER watched? There really should be some sort of a guideline. I just discovered that I’ve had “The House of Sand and Fog” for SEVEN months. SERIOUSLY! I went back and checked my account and I received it in JULY of ’08! At this point, I could have just bought it. I loved the book, I think I’ve been waiting until I’m in the right mood to watch the DVD, but that might never come at this point.

I’ve done this before, had movies sitting around for MONTHS unwatched and I end up sending them back. It feels wrong, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one who has done this. I’m a betting it happens quite a bit, but no one wants to admit it.

For some weird reason, I like to watch movies on TV, with basic cable being my first choice of channels-TBS, USA, Oxygen, AMC, etc. (That's a GREAT name for a network…ETC!!! Ha Ha. ) Maybe it’s just easier than putting in a DVD? Yes, I’m that lazy. Sometimes I think it’s because I like to keep in contact with the world when I’m watching a movie.

Some DVD’s I actually HAVE watched recently, in case you’re looking for your next Netflix pick…

“The Bank Job” is really good, and I didn’t expect it to be -so it was a nice surprise. It’s a goofy little bank robbery caper with a few little twists and turns and some interesting characters.

“House of the Rising Punk”
-If you are a fan of vintage punk like the Ramones, Iggy Pop and Television, this is right up your dark ally. Excellent footage from the beginnings of what became the world famous CBGB’s in NYC.

“Iron Man”-
I love Robert Downy Jr. so I was rooting for him in this one. My husband kept saying “It’s not as good as the “Dark Knight’” but I don’t think that is a fair comparison. They’re two different flicks. Yes, they're both superhero action films, but “Dark Knight” seems to try to hard to be so “meaningful”, while “Iron Man” is not so dark and much more cheeky. Let’s face it, we aren’t watching these movies for the reality, we’re watching these movies to be entertained and to escape the realities of our own lives.

Oh heck, what do I know; I hang onto my Netflix DVD’s forever. ☺

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