Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's not just Earth Day for some people

Song of the Day: "Birthday"-The Beatles

Today is Recovering DJ day too.

It’s funny how it's such a big deal to some people it’s their birthday and some people could care less. There must be a big psychological study about how you react to your big day defines the kind of person you are. As if it's that easy.

I have friends that go way overboard on their day, all "me me me" and it's like come on, we’re gettin' too old for this. But then I have some friends who don’t make a big deal at all and I think that’s wrong too.

Your birthday is your day; (unless you share it with other's- I happen to share it with four people I know, which I feel is an unusually large amount. I want my own day, HA). But regardless, you should be nice to yourself, treat yourself to something-however small but important only to you.
I think of my birthday as New Year's Day, which it really is. Another year of your life. I reflect on the past, and future and pour myself a glass of vino because it's all so much. Another story for another day.

I also try to do something nice for myself-like a mani/pedi, and responsible- I schedule doctor and dentist appointments before my birthday, that way I know every year when I’m due for my check ups. Ugh, that’s such a grown up thing to do now that I go back and read that.

When I worked in radio, saying a birthday over the air was a BIG DEAL, to both the birthday person as well as the person who made the request. I felt I possessed a great power over civilians, which I guess I did. But the simple gesture made people happy, so it was worth using the power for good instead of evil. At least I don’t think I ever used it for evil, unless I said someone’s age or something, broadcasting it to thousands of people at once…Oops.

Aaliyah (may she rest in peace) sang: “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number”. True, but sometimes it’s not a good number, not a number you want out there. I know some people hide their age, although now that I think about it, not in my circle. I am probably the only one who has started to think about shaving a few years off here and there, I mean who would it hurt really? I know some people who think they'r sooo old and therefore are acting so waaayyy too soon. And then I know people who don’t act their age, and I’m not sure if they ever will. I think I fit somewhere in the middle.

Today is also Earth Day, something I find veddy veddy amusing. Without giving too much away, Earth Day was created AFTER I was. Therefore, a somewhat egotistical maniac who thinks the world revolves around her might think Earth Day is about her.

Alas, not so. Just a funny little coincidence, which I think might help people remember my b'day. Or not, if they're aren't Earth Day sort of people.

At any rate, it’s certainly better than being born on a day like Christmas. You really get gypped on the gifts. Of course you do when you get older too, but that’s a story for another day boys and girls.

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