Friday, October 3, 2008

How This Radio Life Began

Song of the day:  "Radio Silence" Thomas Dolby

Looking back now, the signs were all there. I was odd.  I pulled apart my radio, the shiny red Panasonic that twisted into shapes my grandma gave me, to see what J.P McCarthy looked like.  Yes I did.   May he rest in peace, the guy was THE man of Detroit Radio on “the Great Voice of the Great Lakes” WJR for so many years.  I really thought he lived in my radio.  I was very very young then.  Really young.  Ok, not that young, but big imagination is a funny thing.

I also PLAYED radio. I would write down the songs on a yellow pad, in the order that they were played. Didn’t know at the time that was a PLAYLIST and I was acting as a Program Director.  I liked to be boss and run the show even then.  

It was great when my best friend came over; she had an 8 track player and much different music selection than me. We could play one song on my turntable, and another song on her 8 track, without having to stop and change the record.

 It was sheer genius. 

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