Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Different Tweets For Different Twitters

For a variety of reasons, I Twitter now. Once I started using it with some regularity I’ve begun to understand its usefulness for promotion and networking.  I have promoted my blog on Twitter. I “met” a woman on the site who has thrown some freelance work my way for her new website launch, "Women on a Career Break Network".

And today, here was an interesting little”Tweet” that got me thinking and got me a blog post for the day ;)

Tweet from someone else: let's be honest, Alaska is a foreign country

My Comment to that Tweet: let's be honest most states are foreign countries to each other, like South vs. East...Midwest vs. West, etc.

I grew up Michigan, lived in the NJ/NY area for many years and did some time in places like Ohio and Kentucky.  I now live on the Far Coast of Seattle.  I can tell you the differences in all of these areas and then some from first hand experience.  I really do think this country is extremely divided and diverse. How can someone from San Francisco agree with someone from Atlanta?   And how can someone from Topeka agree with someone from Philadelphia? 

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Heck-In one city you have people divided about what baseball team to root for.  Look at Los Angels and Chicago right now! 

Something to ponder as you wait for the season premieres of “Pushing Daisies” at 8PM local time and “Dirty Sexy Money” 10PM on ABC.    Find something else to do at 9 PM though, ;)

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