Monday, October 6, 2008

Words On Streets

Song of the Day-"Where the Streets Have No Name" U2

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"Takin' to the Streets" The Doobie Brothers

Lots of streets in the news these days, from Wall Street problems trickling down to Main Street to Madison Avenue trying to keep Fifth Avenue going.   It’s all got me thinking about the roads less traveled, the paths to personal growth and why the heck are there so many weirdoes on the streets of Seattle? 

Some streets are special to us. It’s funny how the mere sight of a sign can evoke emotions; provoke a saunter down memory lane. I have a montage of photos that contains a picture of Bleeker Street in NYC. A mere glance takes me back to the West Village for a second. And somewhere around here is collection of photos I took when a visiting friend dragged me on the Big Apple Tour of NYC.  Iconic streets like Broadway, Avenue of the Americas, 42nd Street, rouse up recollections for the masses; and some of us have our favorite personal corners tucked in our memory, street where your first kiss took place, where your first job was located, where you found the most peace.   For me-Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street-Home of the New York Metropolitan Museum, one of my favorite happy places. 

 New York-the land of landmark streets; in Seattle there’s streets I avoid, due to certain “elements” that lurk there.  It’s just a few odd little pockets all across town, and once you get the hang if it it’s a breeze strolling around.  Unless someone is walking towards you on the wrong side of the street.  Seems to be a Seattle thing too.  People walk on the wrong side AND don’t even bother to move.   Just FYI-to correctly be on right side of the street- always walk to YOUR right, and then you can never be wrong.  Something I picked up on the East Coast.

I find it a little comical that where I grew up, there weren’t any sidewalks in the neighborhood and yet as  a “grown up” I live in cities where without sidewalks, no one could walk around at all. 

Ahhh, the street you grew up on.  That’s good for the infamous“ What’s your Stripper Name Quiz”  (or is it Porn Star Name?)  Either way, take the name of your first pet and the name of the street you grew up on, and Viola', there you have it.

Mine is Rascal Drake, what’s yours?  J

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