Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How Are All of us Fitting on Main Street?

It was BEAUTIFUL here in Seattle yesterday, two words that I don’t normal use together, Beautiful and Seattle, ha ha. 

But that ol’ recovering Catholic Guilt kept creepin’ in. It was so nice but I felt so weird about the market crash thing, and the bank take-overs.  It’s so Great Depressionny.  (I make up my own words occasionally, my excuse is I’m only an English MINOR.)

This whole Bailout Bust thing has really got me spooked.  From years of working in Downtown Manhattan  I developed a symbiotic relationship with the area. I have still have friends that work down there, some for NYSE which I am sure is just loads o' laughs right now.

But I am SOOO sick of the media saying “Wall Street VS Main Street” I don’t know why, but that is just so lame… calling the rest of America “Main Street”. This isn’t the time for cutesy or lame slogans or headlines.  That's just me I guess. 

The thing is, who on Main Street really understands what this is all about?  

Thank goodness for Google. What the heck did I do without search engines and the Internet?  How did I learn or  know anything back in the Dark Depressionny ages?? I can’t tell you how many times on a daily basis I use my Google Toolbar, especially these last few days.

Am I smarter because of it-the easy access to a gazillion piece of info, or dumber because I am too lazy to think about it for a second???

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