Monday, September 29, 2008

The Sudden "Full Pockets " Syndrome

Tied with "Money" Milli Vanilli because I can't resist

My husband has been in London and my sleep schedule is all off.  I don't sleep well when he's not here, which is ironic since he's a HUGE snore monster and I don't sleep sometimes when he IS here. 
So I was up early and I flipped over to CNBC.  Like most people, I'm trying to grasp the whole B. D. D-Billion Dollar Bailout.  As an added bonus I was watching right as Citibank was buying out Wachovia.   That was comforting, NOT. 

I was questioned on the street last week by the local NPR affiliate KPLU what I thought of the whole deal and I pulled out of my bag a B.S  a surprising coherent answer.  I am in the middle, after the guy with the beagle. 

Anything to get on the air, that's me.

The whole $700  Bamboozling, I mean Bailout reminds me of this:

Once upon a time, small Susan asks Daddy for a few dollars to fortify her Bazooka and Skittles fix.  He says he doesn't have any moolah, and to "Go ask your Mother".

Mom says she tapped out.  Mom never gave up the goods. 

Go back to Dad, who sighs, reaches into his pocket and comes out with a couple of bucks. 

All of a sudden the government has the money in their pockets???  Seems kinda odd to me. 

A few randoms-

R.I.P Mr. Newman!!!   One of my fave movies of all time is "The Sting" and our cats are named Cassidy and Sundance, yes after the film.  It wasn't my doing.  

But Paul Newman was truly an inspirational man, using his celebrity for good and making some FABU salad dressing to boot.  


I want to send a shout-out to "the bankrupt divorcee'"  you left a message correcting a previous post, which I appreciate, and I screwed up how to publish your comment.   I don't want you to think I don't encourage comments, in fact I do.  

Still tinkering and figuring it all out. 

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