Friday, September 26, 2008

Tube Talkin'

Song of the day:  “I Don’t Want to Grow Up” –The Ramones

“Growing up isn’t about making the right decisions, it’s about dealing with the decisions you made” 

Betty’s dad to Betty on “Ugly Betty

Just a side note-This blog isn't always going to be about TV.  But I do LOVE TV.  And when I was on the air I talked about TV. I did Trivia Contests about TV. (easy cheezy trivia! ally's answers!)

And since I am trying to do a “Blog Radio Show”-I’m talking ‘bout da tube if I want to. Beside, it’s “Stay at Home Week” on ABC.  New shows are on, so come on people!  Gotta keep up with the times. That's what pontificating on pop culture is all about.

The first five minutes of U.B was good.  Then it went downhill from there. I think we were really duped by the promos. ABC does fabulous promos.  They make the shows sooo much better than they really are sometimes.  You could just watch the promos and keep up on the shows.  "7th Heaven"  on the WB was like that. I NEVER watched it-but the promos really kept me in the loop. I am bettin' TV and Ad execs would LOVE that recommendation! HA HA!

Last night’s Betty wasn’t as excruciating as Grey’s Anatomy.  At 9:24 Grey’s was already too running too long. And it was a two-hour episode!  I loved G.A when it first came on.  I think it was a mid-season show, with only a few episodes made at first right? I know it used to be on Sunday’s and I’d have to watch it in the bedroom because football was still on. 

But Grey’s is still a guilty pleasure. 

Hey-that’s an oxymoron-guilty pleasure”. How can it be a pleasure if you feel guilty about it ????  Heh Heh Heh

I digress.  

I spent a whole summer jamming to the music of Grey’s. They did for some bands what some radio stations USED to do for music, heh heh.  But there I was, boppin’ around JC and NYC never ever ever ever imagining in my wildest nightmares I’d be schlepping cross-country to the city where the G.A takes place. 

It really IS all about dealing with the decisions you made.

Sucks being a grown up sometime don’t it?

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