Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Accepting Applications For Presidential Candidates

Song of the day: “The Politics of Dancing”-Re-Flex

"The Politicians Are Now D.J's" HA!

I’ve recently shifted sides a bit on the proverbial political fence.   But at times-I prop myself up on the fence, looking over at both sides and shaking my head.

It’s funny how the people you know react to the news of your new views.  Some are amused, like it’s a phase or something, you’ll grow out of it. Some are happy, embracing you with open arms, “I knew you’d make it, what took you so long?” And some are perplexed, even angry like “How could you do that?”

My husband and I were surfing the various cable networks last night after the so-called “debate” and we were AMAZED at the different biased each channel truly has.  It’s startling and scary.  

The thing is, you gravitate towards what you want to hear…listening/watching channels that share your views.  You keep hearing the same message over and over again, so you can shout them to others who don’t have the same outlook as you. And if they don’t have the same views as you, you wonder what is wrong with them; they must be awful stupid people. 

It’s so divisive, these politics of ours. I hate the HATE on both sides.   

It's like taunts on a playground: "I hate you, you hate me lets yell as loud as we can at each other without listening so we can get our point across and not even try to understand each other.   I don’t care what your candidate stands for; I only want to scream what I have been told by my fence-mates so that you and your poopy side of the fence people will go home."

This is MY dance space; this is YOUR dance space.    

It’s exhausting,  THIS is what we are reduced to?  The most important job in the land, and THIS is how we choose?

An article by the Associated Press talks about fact stretching shenanigans that occur on both sides. As I was reading it, a thought occurred to me…

WHY can’t a presidential contender fill out an APPLICATION like the rest us do as a  job candidate ???

Oh sure, there’s all kinds of stuff out there you can research yourself, but what side is it coming from, what is being filtered?  

I say, put the nominees alone in side-by-side rooms. Kind of like on police shows, when they use separate interrogation rooms.  Each candidate would have the same amount of time to fill out the application.  The form has to be filled out by the candidate alone, no spin master, or anyone in the room. The door would be guarded, and we could watch it on C-SPAN.  

When they’re done, we could compare and contrast the applications side by side; just like an H.R person does when Vodka Vinnie and Wendy Wineglass are applying for a job.

Sounds like something both sides of the fence could agree on. 

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