Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recovering DJ Grammy grumblings-better late than never

I always feel like I have to watch The Grammy's. I’m an award show junkie in general, but not watching the Grams, considering I’m a Recovering DJ, it seems sacrilegious. There was a time they were my fave awards, but the truth is, I like the Globes, the Oscars, and the SAG’s better.

I get soooooo annoyed with the tape delay thing on the West coast. Once again, The Grammy’s were at the Staple center in L.A. but I have to wait till 8PM PST. I could have checked out who won online, because none of the websites were holding back anything.

The Grammy’s always seem out of touch, and behind, and granted I’m getting there too. I felt that right away when U2 kicked it off the show with their new song, "Get on your Boots" and I thought; "man oh man…they’re lookin’ a bit old. " Heck, they should… I bought their albums’ 20 some years ago!

I couldn’t tell you what most of the nominated artists sing, although I could take a guess. I knew M.I.A, (LOVE “Paper Planes”-despite the Clash sampling) but I couldn’t honestly discern who the rappers were that joined her onstage. I knew who they were after I watched the wrap-ups the next day, so I'm not completely out of it...yet.

Whitney Houston looked good, but man she rambled. She present an award to Jennifer Hudson, who I’ve begun to really like…. I loved her in “Dreamgirls” Poor J-Hud… I started to make fun of her dress...it looked like she had a lobster bib on the front, but then I remembered the horrible tragedy she has endured and I stopped. Apparently some people liked the outfit, and what do I know about fashion anyways?

Kid Rock was pretty good. I don’t have a visceral hatred for him like I used to. I honestly think it’s because he’s from the East side and I’m from the West side. I was that way with Eminem too. I don’t get the Coldplay allure. I know they're the hottest band in the world right now, but they are just "eh” for me.

The robotic Jonas Brats and the Stevie Wonder combo just brought me sadness. Those three children had no business being on the same stage as Stevie, his handlers should be fired!

I actually got bored about 10:30 PM and flicked over to the Cartoon Network to watch “Family Guy” I’m bummed I missed Neil Diamond’s performance, but not so sad I missed the Robert Plant and Alison Krause gig. What is up with those two, why does the Grammy board love them so? Robert Plant is lookin’ A LOT like Mickey Rourke…come to think of it, have you ever seen those two photographed together?

Once upon a time, I did love the “gram gram’s” My favorite Grammy moment took place in 2003. It was the Joe Strummer tribute performance with Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl, Steve Van Zandt and Elvis Costello jamming on "London Calling," by the Clash. The Boss introduced the song, "This is for Joe,” and I lost it! I remember just sobbing on the floor, my nose to the TV, my heart breaking and healing all at once as one of my all-time favorites was properly immortalized by a group of artist that I loved and respected as well.

That’s what the Grammy’s mean to me Virginia, proper props by proper musicians.

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Meriberry said...

Hmmmmm I have NOT seen Robert Plant and Michey Rourke photographed together, either...