Monday, January 12, 2009

I LOVES me da Globes...

The Golden Globes. Celebs from all walks of entertainment in one room…drinking and table-hopping. I would love to be there just once...what a blast!

I love watching the tables between the awards to see who is talking to whom. This year you saw Bruce Springsteen sitting next to Mickey Rourke, Robert Downy Jr. & Tom Cruise at the same table, and Susan Sarandon & Ralph Fiennes made a fine couple I thought. I know they were all in movies together, but still…I’m sure they don’t have to sit at the same table if they don’t want to.

I got on the “30 Rock” bandwagon a little bit. I groaned when Tina Fey won AGAIN-but her speech made up for it. When she said, “I love the Hollywood foreign press, I have all the action figures…” I LOST IT. What a hoot! I got a Facebook post and Twitter status out of that comment…BONUS!

I love award shows probably in part because I never got over my childhood dream of becoming an actress. I tossed that fantasy and went into something more financially rewarding and chock full of job security…radio…heh heh heh.

It’s after an award show I feel a stronger tinge of “I wish I was in the radio again.” It was such a blast to pontificate on what happened…who did what, etc. Radio is the lowest form of entertainment, so the only thing jocks can do is poke fun at those above. ☺

A few more random globalicious globs:

Why are they delayed on the West Coast..??? So annoying. I have to stay off the Internet for a few hours, which probably is at the root of my aggravation.

Laura Linney’s speech was great...she is such a pro. (“Recount” was excellent by the way) I’ll never understand how people can be ACTORS but they can’t speak in public off-the-cuff…drives me nuts! I wanted to smack the overrated Kate Winslet for her awful speech and stage presence.

And that “Happy-Go-Lucky “ babe Sally Hawkins was hideous. Someone should have just dragged her off the stage, what an idiot. That movie isn’t even playing around here, which is rather sad.

Ricky Gervais was hilarious. People in Hollywood don’t get him at all I don’t think. I think he was making some references to an episode of “Extra’s” (super duper funny show).

I am so over the tweens-Jonas Brothers and Billy Ray Cyrus’s kid. (I know her name, but she don’t need no more press ;)

Paul Giamatii looked weird, but still love.

What is up with Rita Wilson’s hair?

And what was going on with Jessica Lange & Drew Barrymore??

Ugh, how hideous was Mickey Rourke??

“Slumdog Millionaire”…yay!!! Can’t wait to see it!

Why wasn’t"Gran Torino" nominated for Best Picture or Clint Eastwood for Best Actor??!! The Academy’s better straighten that out!

If you missed the show EW has a great little play-by-play.

The Globes. Bringin’ out the diva in all of us!

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