Tuesday, January 13, 2009

True confession: Not an"Idol" fan

I know I'm a jumbo-sized minority here…. But I can’t believe we have to endure another season of "American Idol."

I just don’t get it. The show raises false expectations. It’s churning out a nation of "over-singing" karaoke crooners and sloppy tribute bands. Anyone who can hold a tune for a few in the shower thinks they can take on the Simon. They want to stand next to that creepy cyborg Seacrest and slobber over bizarro world Paula.

I think American Idol is ruining music. I really do. Over and over contestants cover the same classic songs. Really? No originality whatsoever? Whatever happened to American innovation?

I’m not a fan of, nor do I get the whole genre of “reality TV”. Isn’t reality TV the news??? Think about that one. But I realize the pull of the limelight is strong, so warm and inviting. That’s the draw. We can all hear the voice in our head whispering, “Look to the light, the bright shiny spotlight and all your dreams will come true.” Or at least your 5 minutes of fame that lives forever on “You Tube. “

Of course I’ll probably watch a bit. I like to see if I’m right about the diamonds in the rough in the beginning. I get bored in the later rounds. Besides, on the West Coast you can just hop online and get the updates without having to watch. I think if they did original songs, it would be much more interesting.

Ahh…originality, what a concept. There’s an idea for a genre-“original TV” ☺

But what do I know. A quick glance on Twitter this morning proves that a TON of people can't wait for tonight. And speaking of ton, a lot of people are talking about flipping back and forth from “A.I” to “The Biggest Loser”. I can’t believe that show; the humility people subject themselves to.

And before you get all huffy on me, just know-I’m not the only one who’s a rabble-rouser.

And I do love to rouse me up some rabble, heh heh.

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