Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's call it a water landing, shall we?

So I was "on lunch" with the tube on getting ready to compose a frothy little post about the Wii Fit. And lo and behold...there's a plane in the Hudson River!

Ummmm..planes don't belong in that waterway between NYC and Jersey City, Hoboken, and the "rest of New Jersey"!

Something about planes crashing in the NYC area freaks me out more so than any other area. So I call the hubby, who turned on the computer part of the Slingbox. We watched in silence together on the phone for a few minutes, our old home shrouded in tragedy once again. We hypothesized where exactly the plane had crash-landed and we were amazed at the sight of a slew of boats and ferries surrounding the area. And then he had to go, and I called the next person I call during these mom.

In the meantime, I updated my Facebook, Twitter and Adium statuses. (Twitter by the way, an excellent resource for times like this, found pictures on the web immediately)

I started IM'ing with my Jersey peeps as I watched and waited. And then it was ok, for the most part. Silly geese...a brave, quick-thinking US Airways pilot, who walked the plane twice after the crash...a water landing really. He made the absolute best out of the cards he was dealt on a dime, and it turned out all right. A whole lot of people must be thankin' their lucky stars today. It certainly puts it all in perspective now doesn't it? Who cares about lost luggage and security hassles now??

A shout out to the Circle Line and NY Waterway Ferries! If ever you get to NYC/NJ won't be disappointed by a ride long or short.

Alot of people on Facebook were fretting they were afraid to fly even more now. I say-the best time to fly is after an incident like this, the karma is good. Can't be afraid, just have to be grateful and hope for the best.

But I'll tell ya what,,,I'll take sitting in the exit row much more serious now!

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