Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sneak Peek at New Prez?

The thing is, nobody knows who’s going to win.  No one can predict with complete accuracy the results of a football game, a poker tournament or especially a presidential race.  

And yet, people are paid big pundit bucks to prognosticate on what will happen, with very little accuracy.

To feed our need to know NOW, a few predictors have surfaced.

The Kids Have Spoken: Obama 57% -McCain 39%

Results of  The Scholastic Presidential Election Poll  have only been wrong twice since 1940. Out of the mouths’ of babes. 

Washington Redskins Last Home Game Before Election

Since 1936, except for 2004, if the Washington Redskins won their last home game before the election, the incumbent party has stayed in the Whitehouse. This year, the Skins play the Pittsburgh Steelers in Monday Night Football the night before the election. Who's your team?

Don’t Mask Your Feelings

There’s a costume company that swears whatever political candidates’ mask sells the most in an election year, wins. This sounds like a way to get into the news while the gettin's good, but it seems more reasonable than having to sit through a Redskin game.  Or a Steelers game for that matter.

Spelling it Out?

On a side note, The CBS Early Show did a story on election predictions, and the graphic read “An Offbeat Peak at Who May Win”  

Hello-it’s suppose to be PEEK!  GRRRR

Hey-wasn’t there a VP candidate who spelled potato funky….hmmmm…is this a predictor too??

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