Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Recovering Driver Vents

For someone who grew up in a town that used to make cars, it's a little ironic that I kinda hate cars sometimes.  If I never had to drive again, I would be very happy indeed. 

Today was "take the car in for a variety of things" day.  It's a bit of a production around here as we only have one car.  

Luckily, I live in a city with mass transit so I can take a bus home.  They dealership has a shuttle but ugh, then  you have to talk to people.  If you're not in the mood, the bus offers some nice quiet time to read and reflect. 

But long story short, this is probably the 3rd or 4th time I have taken the car in and the same thing happens.  

"Hello, what seems to be the problem?" asks Mr. Dealership Man

"Well", I say " We need an oil change, some light is on, blah blah, oh and the brakes still squeak." 

Mr. Dealership Man looks up and says, "Ma'am the brakes on these cars are PERFORMANCE brakes, German engineered cars like this have high-end blah blah blah..." He begins to sound like the teachers on the "Peanuts"

So I respond, " You guys say this to me every time. I don't understand why it's OK for brakes to squeak! And here;s the thing, my husband picked out this car, not me, so truth be told,  if it were up to me, I'd never buy another car like this again." 

A hush falls over the place, and everyone is looking at me, like in an E. F Hutton commercial.  
Finally old lady dressed to the nines standing next to me whispers loudly, "I'm on my 9th one". 

Activities commence, the work order is finished by a much crankier Mr. Dealership Man who is pounding the bejesus out of the keyboard.  

Speaking of German engineering, don't get me started on that STUPID Brooke Shields TV spot they play everywhere for Volkswagon.  Just when I was beginning to like her, as I wrote a few weeks ago.

Beep Beep and Beep Beep yeah, indeed!

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the bankrupt divorcée said...

i have to say, i find that volkswagon add rather disturbing as well. glad to know it's not just me....