Friday, October 2, 2009

Some call it Fall season, I call it TV season

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I unabashedly love television, especially when the new fall season kicks in. It's like the beginning of a sporting season…you wonder which team will make it to the finals, (renewed or an Emmy nod) and who will be gone?

Yes, I know TV is mindless entertainment at times. But don’t you want entertainment to be somewhat pointless? I mean, then it's not entertainment…it's work.

Sometimes I view a show for story arc and dialogue. You can learn a lot about writing by watching TV. Good shows for what works. Bad shows intrigue me. I wonder: why does this show suck? What would make it better?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus made a comment at this year’s “Emmy Awards” that this is "the last official year of network television”

I disagree. Radio was supposed to die years ago and it's still kickin’ along. The networks should adjust to the way things are…people don’t want to be, or can’t be…tied to time schedules
. Hence the proliferation of DVR’s, on demand and online viewing.

The Tube still rules!

Recovering DJ Recommends:
Here’s a list of what I generally watch Fri-Mon


I don’t really watch TV on Friday. I understand “Ugly Betty” has been bumped to TGIF, so I’ll catch it on the DVR. Enough with the braces already girlfriend! I think at this point the show is a goner. Friday nights seem to be the path to the television graveyard now, a far cry from the 70’s where shows like “The Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family” ruled the roost.


For me, this seems to be the day of sports, old movie reruns, and sometimes “SNL.” If a show is scheduled on Saturday nights, it also seems be the beginning of it's demise. I honestly couldn't tell you what is on Saturday night prime time, but I can remember watching “Love Boat” on Saturday nights and BEGGING to stay up and watch “Fantasy Island”, which I don’t think was allowed very much. I LOVED “Love Boat.”

And now the theme song is in my head, and probably will be all day.


The former night of the wholesome “The Wonderful World of Walt Disney” and of course my beloved “Hardy Boy/Nancy Drew Mysteries” is now “Family Guy”/”American Dad “night, which I catch if I can. I love Seth MacFarlane. I used to watch “Desperate Housewives and “Brothers & Sisters” for a bit…but honestly all you have to do is watch the promos and you pretty much keep up with these shows. I can’t be expected to watch everything for heaven’s sake.


This is “Gossip Girl” night, which I know has some harebrained storylines, but I can’t help it. It’s a GP (guilty pleasure). I’ve come to realize I watch it mostly for the stunning scenes of the show’s co-star-NYC. Recently, Serena and Blair were sitting on the steps of my favorite place in the world, the Metropolitan Museum and I just, welled up a bit, but then smiled through my tears. That’s what TV does to me sometimes.

I generally actually watch the CBS “comedy” line-up, and then DVR “Gossip Girl” Certain people in my household will not tolerate any shows on the CW.

Most sitcoms are hardly funny anymore, with the great exception of the supremely under rated “How I Met Your Mother” HIMYM is superior to “30 Rock “and so much funnier than “ 2 ½ men “ which I think is just OVER with a capital “O”. And Jon Cryer will always be Ducky from “Pretty in Pink”.

“Accidently on Purpose” the new Jenna Elfman vehicle, is more accident than purpose. I never got her appeal. But I will admit to warming up to “Big Bang Theory” which I thought was awful at first, but the nerdy characters are really growing on me. After that I generally watch “CSI Miami” the only CSI show I ever catch. For some reason I tend to fall asleep early on Monday’s, not sure if it's the show lulling me to sleep, or my weekends wear me out. Probably a bit of both.

Coming up next week-Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday viewing and new show recommendations!


Jess said...

I can't believe I just hit play and actually listened to the whole them song from the Love Boat...Now it's in my head!!

Jess said...
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Recovering DJ said...

Don't say I didn't warn you...:) "the love boat...soon will be making another run...."

Blasé said...

I think the Boob Tube has got your attention!