Monday, September 7, 2009

What Labor Day Weekend Means to Me

Labor Day Weekend to me has been like a new beginning.

Back in the old days Labor Day weekend meant it was just before "back to school". The days had a frantic frenzy mixed with dread feeling. I rushed around trying to get all the things done on my “what I want to do this summer “ list. The new school year was looming ahead with a whiff of promise of a new me heading down a new path.

Now this time of year is still a bit of a "new chapter". It's a chance to revisit New Year’s resolutions and make them right one last time in the fourth quarter. The weather is turning, and I really try to get serious once again. We’ll see if it works this time.

Recovering DJ’s Top 5 Songs about Working

  1. “Working’ for Livin’” Huey Lewis & The News
  2. “Welcome to the Working Week”- Elvis Costello
  3. “Working for the Weekend” Loverboy
  4. “Working Girl” The Members
  5. “The Working Hour” Tears for Fears

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