Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ode to Vegas

I've been going to Las Vegas now for over 8 years now. My DH (darling hubby) first dragged me there when we were dating, and I've been bedazzled by it ever since. It's one of those places I just KNEW I would like.

I've decided there are two kinds of people in this world-people who get Vegas...and people who don't. It's kinda like New York or L.A...either you are in or out. There just isn't any wiggle room.

And it's not just the gambling in Vegas. I have a friend that doesn't touch a table or sashay by a slot....(and I envy her for that) She just loves the GLAM. The sheer pulsating energy of the place. You can get a cocktail whenever you want, eat at some of the most WONDERFUL restaurants and hang at the pool, heck IN the pool all day long. It's funny to see so many people midday in the middle of the week just soakin' it up. It's Disney for grown-ups.

We've been going for several years now under the banner of "Luckypalooza".( I even just bought the domain name ;))

What started as a celebration of a milestone birthday for my DH, has continued as a celebration of the friendships that have endured all these many years as we have moved around different parts of the country. Anyone can get to Vegas pretty easy and fairly reasonably for the most part. And the end of summer seems like a good time to get together and toast each others accomplishments.

If you're a Vegas person...I say Vegas Baby! If you aren't...I probably don't know you ;)

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