Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer summer summer time...

Baby, it's hot outside. I feel like I'm in Miami, and I LOVE it.

So here I am in the Pacific NW, a place where “they” told us it never gets over 80 in the summer, and guess what…day two of 95+ weather, with maybe two more to go. Good thing we didn’t listen to ‘them” and rented an apt with A.C…apparently a very large portion of people here do not have AC…If it keeps up I’ve thought about throwing a “come sit in my AC” gathering for a nominal fee.

I just crack up at the concern of the air conditioned broadcasters. There's like a few weeks tops of this, and the rest is gonna be crap.

Ironically, "they" also told us it doesn't snow here. I'm beginning to feel that perhaps we're a jinx.

But the heat, , got me thinking of “Things I used to do in the summer as a kid:”

Slip & Slide

For hours and hours and hours …tore up the grass, which you ended up getting all over and you cut your foot or some body part on the stakes, but man it was fun.

I checked the a new one out on Amazon and now there is a “stopper” on the end to keep you from completely sliding off…no fun…and reading the reviews they just don’t make ‘em like they used to. Ahh, that's always the way.

Wake up early in the morning to fill the pool.

This was something my sister and I took turns doing. The thing was, even thought it was warm outside the water that came out of the garden hose was coooooold. So we'd fill the pool before breakfast, hang inside a bit, and then…poolside! (And by "pool" I mean ghetto fabu plastic ones of course" ;) )

Going to swim club

We never actually belong, but just mooched on others. All I know is I had to buy the Funyuns and that seemed liked a great deal.

One wonders how smug I would really be w/o AC though. One might never know....

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