Monday, June 22, 2009

Plane Thoughts Part Deux

Song of the Day:
"Paper Planes"-MIA

Random thoughts from a recent flight.

I have several irritations about flying, which I've discussed before, but there’s one in particular that sticks out: I don’t understand how someone can board a flight and not bring ANYTHING to read or a game to play. Don't the get bored??

I personally cart along way too many activities and I rarely get to all of it…Nintendo DS, music, games and videos for my phone and computer, plus a selection of books, magazine, newspaper. I'm not good at doing nothing and like to be entertained at all times.

On a flight the other day, I observed a gentleman reading the “Sky Mall” catalog for two hours. Although I myself have been drawn in by the allure of it's shiny, never-before-seen gadgets, what-nots and doodads; I can’t imagine I could get through a whole 4 hour plus flight ogling doggy doors and wireless speakers that look like space ships.

The whole “incident“ reminded me of a scene from “Seinfeld”...the episode where Elaine is traveling with David Puddy and she is so irked with him because he does not have anything to do. This annoyance turns into their second break-up on the flight, and she starts to talk to the guy next to her, who she keeps calling “vegetable lasagna”. I think of this particular episode as well every time I see vegetable lasagna…usually in my grocer’s freezer.

Yes, big digression…

At any rate, what with my limited attention span I obviously can’t sit still without amusement, and find those that can survive without anything to do fascinating.

What I also don’t get is turbulence, and why we have to have it and why I seem to be the only one on a plane FREAKED out by it.

I have to distract myself. I try to pretend I'm on a subway. This trip I found a 5-song set by Yo Yo Ma suprisingly did a good job. And the book (I finished "Beauty by Zadie Smith,) and the video game (I currently hooked on "Peggle Nights") didn’t hurt either.

Distractions, diversions, what would I do without them?

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