Friday, March 20, 2009

Before You Tube, it was just...the Tube

Song of the day:
"57 Channels and nothin; on"-Bruce Springsteen

For me, TV is comfort food. Good ol’ shows like “Seinfeld”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Will & Grace”, Frasier, 90’s shows in syndication on your basic cable channels like TBS, Lifetime, and Family Channel. I hear the snickers now, but whatevah.

New shows don’t it for me as much. “Family Guy”, “Ugly Betty” and “How I Met Your Mother” about my only new “comfort “ shows. I love “Lost” but that’s an event, not a soothing moment. And then the so-called reality TV is not reality at all and all the voyeurism just wears me down. How does the minutia of someone else’s life seem interesting??

TV lulls me, soothes me and whatever your arguments are about TV, I know I’ve wasted a lot of time with the boob tube, but isn’t admitting it the first step towards recovering? You’d think so anyway.

Like last week I was half watching “ER”, something I haven’t done in years. Half watching means I was on the phone, or reading, or playing Pogo. Back in the day, “ER” was a show that introduced me to a whole different world. The Michael Crichton writing the George Clooney hotness, it was such a high-speed, slick show at the time.

You have cop-show people, soap opera people, I think I’ve always been a hospital show person. “St. Elsewhere”, “Chicago Hope”, “ER”. And yes “Grey’s Anatomy”. The first season was crazy frothy fun with a great soundtrack-CD that got me through a lousy time. A show about a city I had never been to nor had any desire to see. Yes, the irony that I now live in the shadow of Seattle Grace doesn't escape me.

Who says TV doesn't model real life??

I often wonder why there isn’t an “all-old” sitcom/drama network. I know there’s “nick at night” but I’m talking only the stuff I like.

I know there’s licensing issues and the money it costs to make all this happen. So maybe someone can come up with a “My channel”? If you are a subscriber to a cable network, and you could pull together all the shows you want to watch on one channel, like a mix tape. Stranger things have happened.

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