Monday, January 5, 2009

The most dreaded day of the year

I personally think The Monday After New Years...(Shouted in a booming, echoing voice) is one of the most daunting and dreaded days of the year. Back when I was gainfully employed at a “real” job…I would grieve the holiday that just passed.

No more short workweeks, no more cocktails and cookies anytime you wanted, just because it “was the holidays”. It looks bare and empty everywhere…no more plastic colored lights, fake greenery and tinsel to fill the void.

Everything that you put off until “after the holidays” has to get done, or at least now you have to pretend you are going to do it…even more exhausting.

You’re flipping through a calendar, either the one you received as a gift and feel obligated to use… or the one you had to buy because no one got you a you a calendar this year…and all that was left at the Rite Aid was a Barbie knockoff or one with weird pictures of dogs posing with fruit. Thank goodness it was free or 70% off.

I digress….

So you’re flip flip flipping through the calendar and it dawns on you that the next long weekend maybe isn’t until February, if you get Prez day off. Unless your company is very progressive and you get MLK day off. A few people in financial will have Good Friday off, actually all those days off if you’re in financial AND in NYC. But for most people, other than calling in on the Monday after the Super Bowl or taking some vacation time…. Most people won’t have a three-day weekend until Memorial Day!

Yikes! That will turn you back to cookies and cocktails.

None of this applies if you’re in radio, where you work six days a week anyway, no holidays off and there is no such thing as a 3-day weekend. Or you’re not a 9-5 Monday-Friday kind of person, work part time, or have flexible hours and your time is your own, not “the man’s”

Or…you’re a recovering D.J ☺

Happy New Year…you can still say it. Hope your dreaded day was ok.

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