Friday, January 2, 2009

How's your day 2 of '09 goin'?

GO WINGS! Heck of a game at Wrigley. I love the new NHL Winter Classic that started a few years ago. Always reminds me of a very underrated but very excellent movie called Mystery, Alaska. Loved the old school 'D jerseys too!

Ahhhh, the New Year. A clean slate, a time to start over. Usually, I have a million resolutions. And by now, I've already broken most of them. But since you can't break something you don't make, I'm actually ahead of the game this year! What a relief.

Been in the 'D for New Year's. Spent a great night down at the MGM Grand casino, where I made a sizable contribution to the city of Detroit. You wouldn't know the area is going down the tube by the crowd hangin' down there on New Year's Eve!

Always cracks me up now, how many "NON-foreign" cars area around here, as opposed to Seattle. Who knows how long that will last though, they might all be made outside the U.S.

I was ambling around the dial thinking of one of my favorite bits growing up. Ken Calvert, "the casual one" used to play it most mornings for a long time on WRIF or WLLZ....I think it was of the greatest rock stations in America.

If you know my humor, or share in it's madness, you too will have a whale of a chuckle.

Happy New Year! If it wasn't so great in '08 it should be fine in '09 :)

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