Friday, May 29, 2009

She was so moved

File this under: " Things only I care about Alex for $200"

Strange but true, I recently completed my 20th move. It was one thing to be in radio and move “town to town up and down the dial” but it seems at times a few crazy roommates and an upwardly mobile hubby has caused me to box up my crap.

1. Parents 1 to Parents 2
(small house we lived for a few years early on and then into house I grew up in)

2. Parents to Eastern Michigan Univ. Dorm 1
(the first of the 10 years it would take me to get degree)

3. Dorm 1 to Dorm2
(first time I lived by myself, took summer classes, was a bit scary at first but then cool)

4. Dorm2 to off campus
(the beginning of ”a time that shall not be named”

5. Off campus to a horrible southern state I don’t want to talk about either

6. South back to Parents-
Entered the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts-True story...I won $1000 in a RADIO STATION call in contest, and when the jock asked me what I was going to do with the money I told him "Go to radio school and take your job some day"

7. Parents to Cadillac, MI 1
(First Radio Job)

8. Cadillac 1 to Cadillac 2
(Mice in the first place)

9. Cadillac 2 to Lima, OH 1
(Second radio job)

10. Lima 1 to Lima 2
(Ferret and roommate who got strange in first place)

11. Lima 2 to Akron, OH
(3rd Radio job)

12. Akron to Buffalo, NY
(4th Radio job)

13. Buffalo to Parents
(Yes, the 'rents were SUPER thrilled with me at this point...went back to EMU to finally finish my degree and SWORE I was done with radio)

14. Parents to On my Own in Mich 1
(It was in this time period I met met my now husband, graduated from college...and used that new degree to....go back into radio. Still paying for the degree too, ironic)

15. On my Own in Mich 1 to On my Own in Mich 2
( Roommate issues again and went and got my own pad. 5th & 6th radio jobs-best time ever working in my hometown of Motown)

16. On my Own in Mich 2 to Hackensack, NJ
(Love conquers career..sorta. BF now hubby had transferred there, I was getting was all a timing thing)

17. Hackensack to Jersey City 1
We fell in live with JC…. it‘s the 6th borough you know. It’s right across the river from NYC… where I eventually worked most of the time in my East Coast days.

18. Jersey City 1 to Jersey City 2
Bigger place and now tied as the Best View Ever--if you kept the door of the front bathroom open, you could see the Statue of Liberty while…uh…you know… I also had my 8th radio job in Philly for a while, but that drive and other factors changed that. It turned out to be the last place I was on the air.

19. Jersey City to Seattle 1
Upward mobile hubby gets a job all the way across the country. Ain't love grand. ;)

20. Seattle 1 to Seattle 2-
Rents have gone down on this HUGE place with a Best View Ever Number 2. It truly is stunning.

Top 8 Songs about Movin’
  1. Movin’ Out- Billy Joel (mentions Hackensack baby!)
  2. Keep on Movin’-Soul II Soul
  3. Move on Up-Curtis Mayfield (featured in a cute scene from "Bend it Like Beckham")
  4. Moving in Stereo-The Cars
  5. I Love to Move in Here-Moby
  6. Move Away-Culture Club
  7. Move Along- All-American Rejects
  8. The Man Who Can’t be Moved-The Script (One of my new fave bands...very Maroon 5ish.)

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