Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sick of being sick?

The Recovering DJ is Recovering!

I've been sick. Bad cold, nothing serious. But I'm a big baby. And I haven't been sick in quite awhile, so it hit me hard. I'm not surrounded by people as much, so my immunity is not boosted by others anymore.

Working in a small, airtight on-air radio booth sharing a microphone with others is a HUGE breeding ground. It's worse than a daycare. I remember one time in Lima the P.D using what seemed like a CASE of Lysol to spray down the on-air studio when one of the jocks came down with the flu. If one got sick, we all got sick. But of course you still had to work because there's no such thing as a sick day for DJ's, unless you completely lost your voice. And even then it was debatable. Oh, the glamours of the radio biz, snark. Even today I panic when I lose my voice, old habits die hard...or never at all.

When I first moved to the NJ/NY area, I was illin' all the time, a blast of bugs to my system. But after about six months, I was hardly sick at all. I attribute that to riding the great mass transit system know as the PATH to the New York City Subway. I say everyone should lick a subway pole and that would boost your immunity ten-fold!

If that just made you throw up a little in your mouth thinking about it, sorry. But I know there are other things you can do do boost your immunity, everyone has their favorites. I like Vitamin C, and those Zinc supplements. Plus lots of tea and water and juice. I don't do echinacea anymore, but I do think yogurt and garlic have their merits.

It's all a crap shoot probably, or perhaps it's a little bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy- If you FEEL the vitamin or supplement will help you get better, than perhaps you WILL feel better!

5 Songs About Illness

  1. "Night Fever"-Bee Gees
  2. "Bad Case of Loving You"-Robert Palmer (RIP- R.P)
  3. "You Be Illin'" -Run DMC (RIP Jam Master Jay)
  4. "Unwell"-Matchbox 20
  5. "Cat Scratch Fever" -Ted Nugent

Bonus : "Fever"-Various Artists

Many have recorded this including Peggy Lee, Tom Jones, Elvis & Madonna

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