Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Recovering Actor? SAG round-up

The SAG’s were on Sunday night. Yes, I really am an award show junkie! The SAG's began with a selection of actors from around the room reciting a quick lmonologue extolling the virtues of the craft and ending with…”I’m so-and -so and I’m an Actor”

That get’s me every time, I could’ve been a contender, and I could have been an actor!

My love of the stage started back in a grade school class play, when I slyly expanded the small role of Lady Lemondrop with comedic ad libs. Suddenly, I was a bit of a celeb, and I LOVED it. More school plays, musicals, and summers spent doing shows at the local community center. I was building up quite the resume. Ahh…C’est la Vie.

  • Is there a 30 Rock backlash yet?
  • I'm starting not to care for Kate Winslet. I don‘t respect actors who fall apart when they make a speech. Get it together lady!
  • That House guy really cleans ‘em up. That show is "eh" for me.
  • Sally Field winning was a bit of a shock. I guess they still really, really like...oh you know...
  • Mad Men really is good, just have to be in the right frame if mind.
  • There was a nice tribute for James Earl Jones, who is very cool. It was a little long so that is where I switched over to Family Guy. Overall the SAGS are actually pretty snappy time wise. We'll see what the Oscars bring!

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